Best Vine maker app For (Android/ios)

Those who are always willing to make some vines and stay at the eyes of your buddy should look at the article. Here you go with varieties of Vine maker apps listed below with their features. 

Vines are six-minute-long videos shot by you only. Here you can shoot your own kinda theme likewise you can spread your talent. Nothing wrong to say it gives you a chance to spread the humor.

And undoubtedly you guys are liked moreover. So here are some vines maker app you can check and go for the best

Top 15 best Vine editors app for Android and ios




Quick is one of the best and widely known Vine editing app. As its name suggests it let you create a Vine video quickly with all editing features. You can create your own video and edit as per your choice. It also lets you share videos with your family and friends over social media.

In addition to this, it also lets you create a loop on your smartphone. This feature now becomes fashion when it comes to wishing the birthday boo. You can grab attention from who you want. 

The best features that define this app is its editing tool. It is featured with a grid overlay, AF focus,multi-clip trimming, and front-facing the camera.

2.Viva video

Viva video
Viva video

It is another vine editing app and the most popular app among us. It is also featured with vine maker and vine editor tools. You can create your own video, edit and share it with your friends. 

It also lets you create photographs story of you. Most of the features you enjoy for free here. Exclusively it provides professional video editor. So here you can enjoy the professional video.

You can edit movies, trim and merge videos with no cost. Yes, all these features associated with the app is absolutely free. And most importantly Android and iOS users both can enjoy this app.



Kinemaster is a master of Vine editing as it supports multiple layers video so that you find ease in tracking all those videos. In addition, it allows you to add images and text.

So this app becomes popular when it comes to celebrating with lots of memory. It has other video editing tools like cut trim, precise, volume etc. The feature that defines this app best is it allows frame by frame trimming. And it also lets you 3D camera transaction along with slicing and slicing.



It is One of the most popular professional use apps that lets you create a slideshow of photographs. You can create a 5minute story of your photographs and save it as memory. 

You can add songs too,  that best suits your story. This app has the best font style with a number of options. You choose as per your eye soothing. When you create a story you can add additional features like captions and text to each slide. 

Like other it also lets you edit, trim, and merge video. The feature that defines this app best is it’s background color and effect. It is also free with Lal it features.



It is also a vine editor app that lets you create your own kinda video. It has editing tools that let you create your video with different effects. You can create as many videos as you want. 

The best thing is it has amazing editing effects that make you video eye-grabbing. Android as well as iOS users both can enjoy this feature.  This app is best suited for professional videos and funny videos. It has different editing functions for funny videos.


It is another vine maker video for Android users. iOS users can also enjoy the amazing features of it. It allows you to create short stories and movies for free. You can create your own kinda video edit with the best front style. 

You can add background effects and also different visual effects to make it more eye-catching. You can make your video personalize also can add gif,stickers, emojis and sound effect.

7.Vigo Video

Vigo Video
Vigo Video

Vigo video is one of the most popular vine maker videos for Android and iOS users. It lets you create and edit videos for free. It also has no restriction to share through particular media. 

The best part is you can add an audio track of your own choice depending upon your story. If you want to create your own audio and want to create a video along with it, then this would be best for you.

As you can create your own video and audio track and also edit with the best effect. Most fascinating is that all this comes with no cost.


Like Vigo video, it is also available for both Android and iOS users. It lets you create and edit videos and also let you edit old video. Yes, you can add some new effects to your old video.

This app has editing tools like you can adjust the speed of the audio track. Like if you want to go for slow speed you can go easy. It also has the option to add text in your video with different colors and languages.



Lomotif is another vine editing app for Android and iOS users. It let you create video and photographs story with more visual effects. You can share this video via WhatsApp, Skype, and many other apps. All this feature is free for you. 

You can also trim and merge videos. You can use old videos to make one video with editing effects. It let you add emojis stickers and animated videos. You can easily share this video with your friends and family on social hubs. 


Vizmato is another vine maker app for iOS and Android. It has sufficient editing tools that can add amazing effects to your video. If you are vlogger then you need to be more careful while editing. So the video enhancing effect make it more appropriate for a professional shoot.

All you need to select or create a video of specific niche and use the effects and other editing tools featured with the app.



As its name suggest its tool is very concise and concrete. It has limited effects but are useful and sufficient. You can make a collage of your photos and can add some texts.

You can create and store the story as a memory. It has front style and background effects along with filters. You can add an audio track of your own choice. It let you share directly on WhatsApp and Instagram.


Magisto is best known for video editing both for Android and iOS. It works on AI and gives you something different from that of tradition. You just need the select video and soundtrack and your vine will be ready in a few minutes. 

It has features like filters, video effects, music effects. It is also easy to share through Instagram, WhatsApp Twitter, and Skype. It is becoming popular among vloggers.



It is different when it comes to using. You need to sign in before use and then only can enjoy associated features. 

It has more than 100 video effects tools to edit your video and Making it more eye-catching. Most of the editing tools support funny short videos and let you create more effective videos. 

The only annoying thing about this app is the ads that come frequently. You do not need to purchase any effects because it has more than 100 effects.

14.Hype Text

This is one of the vine maker apps for iOS and Android. It lets you edit short videos with visual effects. It is best to shoot professional videos. It is common among vloggers. It is very easy to create and edit videos one after one.

 It takes a few times after applying all the desired effect, emojis and soundtrack to create Vine. You can also make photographs story with your favorite songs.

You are also allowed to change the audio track, speed of the music. All this you can enjoy for free. Sharing of the video is also easy with your family and friends via Whatsapp or Instagram.



Good and best Vine app

Moreover, we discussed the number of video editing apps. All fifteen Vine app discussed in the article is the top vine maker app. If you read the article you can now distinguish them as per the requirement. 

All are similar in some ways but each has some unique features. As per their use and popularity here we separate them as good and best Vine apps.

Best Vine app

  • Quick
  • Vigo video
  • Video shop
  • Vivo show
  • Kinemaster
  • Filmorago
  • Animoto

Good vine app

  1. Lomotif
  2. Vizmato
  3. Inshot
  4. Magisto
  5. Funimate
  6. Hype text
  7. VLLO

Vine video editor

Vine video editor apps let you create a video if your down type and also let you edit it. These apps featuring editing tools let you amazingly enjoy at no cost. That means you are not restricted to use some of the features.

You are allowed to enjoy all the features. The editor apps mentioned above like kinemaster, Vigo video, video show has editing tools like front and background effects. In addition to it also has function vto edit, trim and merge video.

It also has a number of options to add stickers, emojis, and gifs. Some of the apps are professional video app with a number of editing tools. You can create your own story of photo slides and store as a memory. 

It also lets you add audio track and sound effect. If you are fond of writing and want your writing to visualize as a story then you can do with these apps. It let you to write and be a caption with more eye-catching effects.

Apps for vine editing

Here are some apps listed below. Check the best app as per your need

  • Movie Maker and filmmaker
  • Magisto video editor and maker
  • Vivavideo
  • Quick
  • Vigo video
  • Video shop
  • Vivo show
  • Kinemaster
  • Filmorago
  • Lomotif

Make your own vine

Make your own vine and earn. Isn’t it quite good to hear? Yes, of course, it is good but simultaneously it is good to earn. All you need to know that you can earn from your vine video. 

But do not be in a hurry while making because it could be the greatest pitfall if step wrongly. So the very first thing you should keep in your mind that what is the demand of the era. What people like and what don’t. 

Again emphasizing the word “what doesn’t” because what people don’t like is going to be dangerous for you. You must be very creative and your thoughts should be out of the box. Because there are so many apps that will definitely add spices to your video. 

But you are the director and scriptwriter of your own story. So keep this in mind that your script should be attention-grabbing. And if it so then you are definitely not so far to grab love and money. The first vine video was introduced on Twitter and became popular in a while.

How to make your own vine

Here are some steps you can follow to create Vine

  • Understand the features of your app

 You are advised to be very clear about the app you are using. You must know each major and minor effects and facility of your app. 

In what mode it is convenient and how much effects it can add to your video and likewise many more you need to know. All this is advisable because not every app has all effects. 

Some suits best for professional some for youth some for kids and some for business purposes. And depending upon the purpose of use all are featured differently in accordance with them.

  • Make it more simple

Start with the MVP version and gradually user will tell you what they want to add. And this would be user-friendly and for your best too.

No one is interested in reading a long and boring manual. So keeping this in mind make it concise and concrete. You must be clear about your niches on what you are making a video. 

For example, if you are making for the young generation then it should be funniest. If you are making for kids then again it should be funny.

  • Outstanding app :

Remind the purpose and make it more unique. No matter if it has fewer functions but should meet the purpose of it. That clearly means that the app should have some exclusive features that meet your requirements.You can also record doing prank calls on a prank app for making viral content

  • You should know the competitors

There are rivals like Instagram and Snapchat that have a better option to create and share a video. So if you are thinking to make your own vine then you must learn about your rival. 

You must know each and every one of the details of them. And the next step is to think and make the alternatives to them. So that you can go popular.


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