How to clean Apple EarPods

EarPods have now become the necessity of our daily life. They can last well for years if you keep them gently with care. Although dirt, dust, and earwax can build a layer over and inside the apple EarPods and in result, the sound quality can get affected. However, to prevent any such instance from happening you have to make sure to clean your EarPods regularly as needed.

For such instance, there are few tried and tested ways available about how to clean apple EarPods or to clean apple headphones. Before jumping on the ways and methods about how to clean apple EarPods/ Earbuds we advise you to have a sharp and focused eye for eliminating any wrong step.

How to clean earwax out of earbuds

Before you start the cleaning process gather some cotton swab, a toothpick, a toothbrush with soft bristles, denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol and dry tissue paper. Make sure you sanitize your hands before cleaning the EarPods.

How to clean Apple EarPods
How to clean Apple EarPods

Let’s get into the method of how to clean apple air pods?

1. Firstly, take the air pods out of their case.
2. Now with the help of a wooden toothpick gently remove the earwax out of the EarPods. Do not apply pressure or insert the pointed edge inside the EarPods. Be gentle. A little pressure can result in damaging the surface of the mesh.
3. Now keep the toothbrush on a flat surface while its bristles should face upwards.
4. Hold the EarPods with your fingertips and gently rub it over the bristles to remove any clogged dirt or earwax.
5. Move the EarPods over the toothbrush in vertical and up-down pattern lightly.
6. Dab one side of the cotton swab into denatured or rubbing alcohol (make sure alcohol is not dripping from the cotton swab).
7. Now with one hand hold the EarPods facing the mesh downwards and clean it using the alcohol damped cotton swab.
8. Finally, wipe away any traces of liquid or dirt from the EarPods using a dry cotton swab.
9. Place the EarPods over a dry tissue paper and let them rest for an hour to be completely moisture-free.

Here is another way for – How to clean apple headphones?

Things to gather before cleaning: Disinfecting wipes, mini vacuum cleaner, and a little Blu-tack or scotch tape. Blu-tack is an adhesive that is commonly used to attach lightweight and dry objects.

Now let’s learn the process about how to clean apple headphones dirty Earbuds:

1. Firstly, clean the entire headphones or EarPods with the help of disinfecting wipes.
2. Now take a little amount (half-lemon sized) of Blu-tack and dab it over the surface of the mesh. It will pick up all the dirt, dust and earwax along.
Take a small piece of scotch tape, gently place its sticky side over the surface of the mesh and remove it immediately. All the unwanted particles will stick to the scotch tape and it will leave the mesh clean and clear.
Use a vacuum cleaner on the surface of the mesh to remove any dirt particles or earwax. Make sure the vacuum suction power is at its lowest.
3. Lastly, clean the entire EarPods to remove any remaining dust or dirt. Place it over a dry tissue and make sure there are no traces of moisture left(10-15 minutes).

Ear wax is produced by our own ears to protect the inner skin and ear canal from any outer particles which can lead to infection. Although this ear wax can also get into EarPods or headphones due to the heat generated while you place them in your ears.

This heat melts the earwax and it kind of sticks and re-settles on the earbuds and mesh surface of the EarPods. This re-settled earwax also attracts dust and dirt to the mesh surface. After a couple of uses, you can notice the dirt and wax build-up on your earphones/headphones. This can lead to negatively affect the sound quality of EarPods and can also sometimes become the cause of ear infection.

Things to keep in mind while cleaning iPhone earbuds/apple EarPods:

1. Never use any sharp metal object like needle, pin or sim remover over any surface of EarPods.
2. Do not use water or any harsh liquid/chemical or even detergent to Clean EarPods/Earbuds.
3. You may find many people stating they have safely and successfully cleaned their apple EarPods using water but always keep in mind that Apple itself strictly instructs to avoid washing them with water.
4. Always keep a check over your EarPods and clean them whenever required.
5. Be gentle while cleaning them else they can get damaged.
Lastly, occasionally clean the EarPods case with a cotton swab. You can use a swab damped into denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol. First gently clean it with the damp swab then with a dry swab to eliminate any moisture left. Always keep your apple EarPods inside its case after every use.


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