3 of the Most Common iPhone Issues and How to Get Them Fixed

Remember when you opened up your iPhone from its box for the first time? The feel of the shiny, gleaming metal as you peeled back the plastic wrapping and the lightness of touch as you got to know it’s latest features.

Now imagine that it breaks down in the first few weeks. Having just spent hundreds of dollars on your new iPhone it can be a frustrating time.

But don’t despair, there’s often no need to go and buy a brand new phone. Most problems have a simple solution.

5 of the Most Common iPhone Issues and How to Get Them Fixed
5 of the Most Common iPhone Issues and How to Get Them Fixed

Here are the most common iPhone issues and how to solve them.

  1. Water Damage

Water can get into your iPhone in lots of unexpected ways. Some of the more recent iPhones are splashproof – not legally waterproof if they do break whilst submerged in deep.  If you take it out in heavy rain without covering it too many times or use it in the shower then it will be fine.

But earlier models are not waterproof and if water gets into your phone you could lose all of your data. To be sure this doesn’t happen, dry your phone off as quickly as possible, leaving it in a bowl of rice overnight to soak up all the moisture.

Be sure to back up all of your data to the iCloud, that way if the phone is restored to its default settings or you do end up losing it you can re-download your data. But there are ways of backing up your phone when the iCloud won’t let you.

Ask yourself are there iPhone repair stores near me? They could help you with iPhone problems.

  1. Battery Issues

In a much-publicized case several years ago, Apple announced that their batteries got progressively worse over time and this had been built into the phones.

But there is a way around this iPhone problem. Firstly be sure to keep an eye on your app usage in the settings. Some apps such as Google Maps and Facebook run in the background even when you do not have them open and these can drain the battery without you realizing.

Also, be sure to turn off your mobile data if you don’t need it and to use low power mode to conserve energy.

  1. Unresponsive Screen

If your touch screen on your iPhone won’t work it could be that you need a new screen or your current screen has been somehow disconnected from the rest of the phone.

To repair this, take it to an iPhone repair shop and ask them to investigate and fix it for you. Repairs like this are relatively inexpensive but are best left to experts rather than attempted on your own.

iPhone Issues? Take it to a Shop

The best option when deciding how to solve iPhone issues is to simply take your phone to a shop where an expert can look at it.

Attempting repairs yourself can make the situation worse and could increase your bill. But you can also resolve a lot of issues by taking precautions such as backing up your phone using the iCloud and keeping it dry if it’s not a more recent model.

If you are interested in reading more stories about iPhones and reading about the imminent release of the new iPhone be sure to check out our blog.


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