Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives

The term Wayback machine is most commonly known amongst the people who own a website. The digital archive for the World Wide Web and various other information on the Internet is produced with the help of this Internet Archive and also a non-profit organization. By using the help of Wayback, people can check out how a website looked like from 1996 to the present time.

By using the help of the Wayback machine, the users can get access to the archived digital content. Even though the content is no longer available on the source website but you can still access it.
With a storage space of over 100TB, the archive has more than 10 billion pages. You can check out the snapshots of the websites and see how it looks in the past which is really interesting. 

Why do you need a Wayback Machine Alternative?

For some reason, if the Wayback machine website is not working then you might need to find an alternative for the website. If you also want to check out some amazing information about the older website then you can use the help of the websites mentioned in the following paragraphs. There are hundreds of archive which is available online but only a few of them are capable of providing you desired results.

So if you are confused about which website you should use instead of Wayback machine then you need to first check out all their details. You can find all the information you need for selecting the best website. It will really help you to enjoy a pleasant experience without causing too many issues. Read More about how to check internet speed.


What is the best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternative?

If you want to find out more sites like Wayback machine then you can check out the list mentioned below. In order to find the best website, you need to check out their features and ensure that it is working for you.

  • Yubnub

Yubnub can be a great alternative for you, you can find all the information about a  website and its business. With a user-friendly interface on the website, you won’t face any kind of issue and simply enter the keywords you want to search for. There are some amazing features on the website which you can use. 

  • Stillio Automatic Screenshots

As you might have already guessed from its name, Stillio takes an automatic screenshot of a website and stores it. By taking the snapshot of a website daily, it will help in tracking the trend of the website and website archiving. The process followed by Stillio is very simple and effective as it captures and shares the screenshot to keep it in the archive. 

  • is also an option available for you to choose if you are looking for an alternative. While some websites only have images of a few websites but contains over 250 million screenshots of websites. You can simply visit them and check out these images.

The interface of the Screenshots is quite amazing and you can even zoom in the images to ensure that everything is working perfectly. The website stores cache memory meaning that you will get an accurate copy o the images.

  • iTools

If you are looking for websites like the Wayback machine then iTools might be a great choice for you. It’s not like any other website as it provides unique tools that will help you with your search. You can get complete information about the website. There is also information about the popularity and the traffic generated by a website. Not only that but you can also find information about similar websites.

  • Alexa

Alexa is a common name nowadays and is owned by You can get complete information about any website on Alexa and also find out details about its ranking. The more popular the website the better chances you will have of finding it.
By using specific keywords you can get much better results. You can get information like the number of visits to the pasts and how much time spend on the website. You can find statistics about the website. 

  • DomainTools

It is also a great option for you to use instead of Wayback Machine as you can find complete information about a website by using the help of this website. From the IP address of the website to its hosting history, you can get all such information on this website without any troubles. It provides the screenshot of the website for free so you can use it for as long as you want.

  • PageFreezer

In order to find the best Wayback machine alternative, you need to look at certain factors. It uses a similar technology like Google which helps in taking snapshots of a website automatically. It can also work as legal evidence or the digital signature for the website. It will help you to expand your business without causing any trouble. 


If you are looking for an internet archive Wayback machine alternative then is one of the best options for you to choose. You can visit the website and check out all the previous images of various websites. It likes you went back in time and are looking at the web pages who are many years old. Even if the website is not working anymore or deleted you can still find their snapshot on the website.

Its interface and navigation system is quite friendly and you won’t face too much trouble while using this website. When you visit the website you will find two bars where you can search the content for any website and with the help of the second one you can download it.

So these are some of the best alternatives to the Wayback machine which you can find right now. All these websites are trusted and working fine so you won’t face any kind of issue. You can choose any of the websites which suit your needs. There are many other websites that you can find but you need to make sure whether you can trust them for the source of information or not.


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