Reveal The Reality With Fun & Real Lie Detector Test Apps

Lie Detector Test Apps: Your way to reality and truth. These are the times when both fake and reality have become one and you can’t make a difference between the two as people have become lying experts. Lie detector test apps are apps that take out the cover from a lying face.

When you talk to a certain person and ask them something you hope that the person answering is saying the truth and at least you expect it to be a truth but how do you test? This is where lie detector test apps come into use. 

Polygraph App

You must have seen a lot of movies and/or television series where the number one accused is tested with polygraph to check whether the information that person is providing is truth or all made up. A  polygraph test or polygraph app shouldn’t be a new concept to people. And thus polygraph app or lie detector test apps can be very easily used to target and prank people around you.

People who are already aware of the concept and the existence of a polygraph test can be easier targets to play your pranks with. The reason why this is even more convincing is that the true or lie detector test apps make use of facial expressions, voice and/or fingerprint to make the polygraph app test more believable. 

The reason why we are constantly saying that you can prank people is that the original true or lie detector test or the polygraph test involves the analysis of various changes in your body while you are answering questions.
At first, you are asked questions that you will most definitely not lie about to study normal body reactions like your name and profession. After that the person is asked more difficult questions which the person may or may not know the answer to, to again study and note the changes in the body. Finally, the test starts based on science, according to which our body gets a bit tensed up when we lie. 

Lie Detector App That Really Works

The result of true or lie detector test or a polygraph test is based on heart rate, pressure, voice modulation, vibration, etc. Testing all of which is not possible in a phone with lie detector test apps. Though there is a real lie detector app that works or at least tries to give accurate answers based on facial expressions and voice modulation, but that too can be controlled for you get to learn what is being considered as lying factors and then train yourself to become an expert liar.

True Or Lie Detector Test Apps

Here is a list of the best lie detector test apps that are rated highest on android and iOS. While most of the apps are ranked for being entertaining, there are a few apps that work better than the prank polygraph app or the fun true or lie detector app.


  • Lie Detector Test Prank


Lie detector test prank app is the highest rated pranking and entertaining app, available on both iOS and Android. Now easily trick your friends into the world of fake reality, by asking them embarrassing questions in front of their crush and customize the answer with the volume button. Just what you needed, the power to change the truth.


  • Lie Detector Simulator


Another fun lies detector app that makes the answer look so real that despite you knowing the reality of the app will start doubting your conscience about the results. The app can scan your fingerprint, scan your face and note the expressions and analyse voice modulation to show you the results in a robotic voice, so real that you will be convinced that this indeed is a real lie detector app.


  • Lie Detector Face Test


The interface of the app may make you nervous but this too is an app that can be used to play with your friends and close people. The Lie Detector Face test scans your face or rather the face of the person you are playing the prank with using the phone camera and points out the marks of truth and lies on the face to come up with a random made-up result, convincing enough to make any normal person nervous.


  • New Prank Lie Detector


The truth of your friends lies in your hands now. The interface of the app shows that with your fingerprint, the New Prank Lie Detector App tests your heartbeat and calculates your heart rate to show whether what the other person is saying is true or false.

Scary enough? Don’t worry, it’s all for fun and prank.


  • Truth And Lie Detector Scanner


What if you are asked a question and when you answer a red light and a buzzer sound rings up saying it’s a lie in front of a room filled with people? That’s what happens with this iOS polygraph app, scans your fingerprint to show you a green or a red light referring to whether it’s true or false.


  • Why You Lying


Available on both android and iOS platforms this is an extremely fun true or lie detector app because social media is filled with memes. The results are presented comically. All you have to do is press your thumb on the given space and start speaking. The result will be announced funnily with comments that may have vulgar words, which means that despite being one of the best and most entertaining lie detector test apps, this fun polygraph app is not for kids. You may also share gifs, memes, and stickers through this app.

Lie Detector App That Really Works

While there are so many lie detector apps available both on Android and iOS platforms, there are not many boasting to be a real lie detector app. Though the answers cannot rely on that much because you have to know that the testing machine is your phone and the capacity of the device is an important considering factor when we measure the reliability but still these apps try their best to come up with still better and convincing results than those claiming to be fun and fake upfront.

Verity – Facial Lie Detector

Available on iTunes for a download that’s not free, this one of the best lie detector test apps or rather a more reliable and real lie detector app makes use of its highly advanced AI and algorithm to analyze the person’s facial dynamics in a speech and detect the truth and lie. If you are smart, then you will use this app to learn to be an expert liar.

After the popularity of reality shows that uncovered many lies from some popular faces that led to not just gossips but also breaking relationships, the general public has pretty much been aware of the existence of the test and the consequences and thus are pretty scared of these tests. In such a situation, pranking a friend with one of these fun lie detector test apps can be interesting.


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