Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps For IPhone And Android

Nowadays, one must be very careful in restaurants, hotel rooms, offices and changing rooms. Why? 

Haven’t you heard about those creeps who use hidden cameras to click pictures and record your moments?

Well, yes, it is a disgusting fact but indeed some people find pleasure in doing such cheap things. But what to do in such situations? How can you save yourself from such scandalous events? 

Of course, there are a few handy tricks that you can use to detect hidden cameras but most of the time they are not effective. You need something concrete. Something like a hidden camera detector app

Oh yes! There are apps that will help you identify any hidden recording devices in the room. So today, we will be taking a look at these savior apps which are essential for anyone in the current scenario. 

App To Detect Hidden Cameras:

Hidden Spy Camera Detector: 

This is one of the best-hidden camera app detectors that are available both for Android and iOS users. Using this app, anyone can identify hidden cameras in changing rooms, hotel rooms, and such other private spaces. 

It is super easy to identify both pinhole cameras and infrared cameras with the help of this app. 

Hidden Devices Detector:

This app is yet another noteworthy app in this genre ideal for Android users. Be it a pinhole camera, an infrared camera or a CCTV, nothing can go unnoticed with this app. The best part is that this app is free and can be used by Android users without much hassle. 


Developed by Iteration Mobile, this one is a speed cam detector ideal for Android and iOS users. The takeaway of the app is that it makes use of GPS to locate the hidden device. This is a very powerful app and can be used to detect almost any type of camera that might be installed in your private space. 

Spy Hidden Camera Detector:

This app can detect hidden devices for iOS users. Anyone with an iOS mobile phone can use this app to find out any hidden recording devices. However, the app is paid and one must purchase it to get the best results. The app uses magnetic and emf scanner features to help one find any cameras around. To use this app, you must scan the room with naked eyes first. Then if you find anything suspicious, point the phone camera towards that and if there happens to be any hidden device your phone will start blinking. 

Life can be made easy with the use of these hidden camera detectors. Changing, spending private moments with your loved ones was never this stress-free! 

Steps To Find Hidden Devices:

Though you can make use of an app to detect hidden cameras and microphones in a room, you need to follow certain steps to conduct the full process effectively. 

Begin by conducting a physical search: Though cameras and microphones are placed in discrete locations and are designed to stay hidden, some of these devices create a buzzing sound or a clicking noise. It’s important to keep your focus on locating such noise when you enter the room.

Search for cameras and microphones in electronic devices: Most surveillance devices require electricity to record and click. For this purpose, they are placed in room devices that are powered by electricity. In that light, it’s important to take a closer look at the smoke detectors, fans, speakers, lamps and such other electronic devices in the room. 

Out of place locations: If you have an app to detect hidden cameras and microphones, direct them at decorations which seem a little odd or out of place. For instance, was the teddy bear there when you entered the changing room in the first place? Does the flower vase on the coffee table look a bit odd? If yes, then it’s time to take your phone out and do your detection! 

Bug Detector App For Android:

You are already aware of the horrors that a video or voice recording taken without your knowledge can bring. Within just a few moments of your life can turn upside down. So why risk it? 

It is to save you from such situations that you need to install a bug detector on your phone. 

One such app is the Cam Bug Magnetometer ideal for Android users. This hidden device finder can be used to identify microphones, cameras, bugs or any other surveillance devices that might be stored in your hotel room or home without your knowledge. 

The key takeaway of this app is that it captures the electrical transmission emitted from any hidden devices. To use this app, all you need to do is turn the app on and roam around the room. Leave the rest on the app! It will notify you promptly if there is any hidden device in your room. The intuitive UI of the app accompanied by smart design makes it very easy to spot a hidden device. 

However, do not panic if you are not tech-savvy. It is very easy to use this app and a person with base-level knowledge about tech and gadgets can use this smoothly. Just switch in the app and get going with it! This app can also be used as a wiretap detector. All in all, this useful app will provide you a bug-free and risk-free stay at any hotel and maintain your privacy level to a great extent. 

App To Detect Recording Devices:


To be honest, this is not just an app, IT’S AN ENTIRE SMARTPHONE IN ITSELF! Generally, this app comes installed with many iPhone and Android devices. So the person giving you the phone might be monitoring all your private activity! 

The best part of this software is that you can use it to listen to phone calls and also everything else happening around your device. 

If you want to take it a notch up, this app can be used to spy on apps like Skype, Viber, and WeChat. 

Real Hidden Camera Finder:

This is another app that can be used to locate a hidden recording device in your room. The best part of the product is its cool feature of the location. The product comes hand-tied with a magnetic field detector that can be used for identifying cameras emitting any kind of electronic signals.


This is yet another app that can be used to secure your personal life. However, it is a paid app and one must purchase it for enhanced performance. In addition to finding out the hidden devices in a room, this app sends a notification to the user if someone tries to unlock their phones. 

There is many more wireless camera detector app available in the market that must be installed by users to keep themselves secured in the current social scenario. There is nothing more important than privacy and thus it is crucial to protect it. 

Thankfully, technology does give us the chance to do that and we must be smart enough to use it for our benefit. 


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