Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android and iPhone

In today’s world, all of us are living in a life of rush. Everything is very fast and stressful. As a result, we tend to forget many important dates regarding bill payment and other dues. It gets really frustrating once the bills are due after the due date. This also affects the overall monthly budget of the user and expenditure plans. But fortunately, almost all of up possess a smartphone. There are many bill reminder apps available for Android as well as iOS devices which can help us thoroughly in our day to day life.

What are bill reminder apps?

Bill reminder apps (also known as bill organizer or bill calendar apps) are applications designed to ease the life of the user to a great extent. These applications can be downloaded and installed on almost any smartphone (Android or iOS). To use these apps, all you have to do is store your important dates and events in the app, and that’s pretty much it. The application will remind you about the particular event on the exact same date so you don’t forget your errands. 

Bill reminder apps for iPhone

For the record, while Apple includes their own Reminders app on all devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), it’s still pretty bare-bones when you stack it against the competition. There are thousands of different applications available on the internet which provide tons of extra features. Here are our top picks for best bill reminder apps for iOS in 2019.

#5 Due

Simply put, Due is one of the best options if you’re strictly looking for reminders without the complexities of a task manager. Due lets you add reminders for almost anything and give it a due date and time. Once the reminder comes, you can “snooze” it for 10 minutes, an hour, or push it to the next day if need be. Otherwise, Due will keep reminding you with the reminder until you take action.

#4 Remeber the Milk

With Remember the Milk, you’ll never forget the milk (or anything) again! This minimalistic app lets you quickly add in the tasks that need to be done and the time they’re due by. When the time comes, you’ll get notifications by mobile, email, IM, text, or even Twitter. This application literally does not leave you any choice other than finishing the task.

#3 Things 3

Things 3 is more of a complete task management system like OmniFocus, but it’s much more simple to use and we think it’s a great option as a bill tracker app. You can create various Areas (Categories) and Projects which will fit under those areas. Tasks can quickly be added to projects and organized with headings if you need a proper structure.

#2 Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft acquired Wunderlist several years ago, and eventually, Wunderlist will be shut down and replaced completely with Microsoft To-Do down the line. Microsoft To-Do will be able to work anywhere, whether it’s your iPhone, iPad, or Computer. You can create lists for whatever you need and quickly add items as you go. The Smart Suggestion feature learns your habits and helps you fill out your items over time, reducing the time spent on the application.

#1 Capsicum

If you tend to set up reminders for things like forming habits, then Capsicum is the best bill organizer app for you. It also works nicely for your other to-do’s as well, and even note-taking. Think of Capsicum as your digital planner. With Capsicum in hand, the app will help you plan out your day, track your good habits (and remind you about them of course), and even tell your story.

Best bill reminder app for Android

Just like the iOS, Android OS also has tons of different bill apps to keep track of bills and events. The Android OS is also operatable on multiple platforms such as Mobile, Smart TV, Desktop, etc. This comes in handy when you want to synchronize your responsibilities over various platforms. Here are our top picks for best bill pay apps for Android in 2019.

#4 is a to-do list application. It comes with various task settings, cloud-based synchronization between devices, reminders based on both time and location, and much more. The app also uses Material Design. It can be useful both at work and at home.

#3 Bz reminder

BZ Reminder is a very simple to-do list app. You can set a reminder time so that the application notifies you of a task. You can sort reminders and tasks by highlighting them in different colors. In addition, it supports Android Wear, a feature for repetitive tasks (for example, to take out the garbage every week) and hourly reminders too! 

#2 Ticktick

TickTick is a great bill reminder application. It has many features, including reminders, recurring tasks, widgets, various settings, and a calendar. In addition, TickTick has a Material Design and also supports synchronization between devices, collaboration with other users, and so on.

#1 Google keep

Google Keep is probably the best note-taking app for now. It has a collaboration feature that allows you to share notes with others. You can also include text, list, photos, audio and video recordings in a note. User can change the colors of notes to simplify the organization. It is also possible to set reminders for a specific time or place. This is one of the most useful bills tracker apps.

These are our top picks for best bill reminder applications for Android and iOS in 2019. These applications will definitely help you remember various important dates and events without any issue. Make sure to check all the applications mentioned in the article to choose the one that suits you best.


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