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Determining whether someone is lying or telling the truth is really difficult. Sometimes, it is necessary to know the authenticity behind someone’s statement. This is achieved via various state of art professional lie detector tools and equipment.

But, the problem is that these pieces of equipment are not available to use for common people. A person requires a very high constitutional status and state government’s permission to use such a tool on a person. 

Now, it is quite clear that common people can not get access to actual lie detector equipment anytime soon, So how can you resolve the dilemma of truth and lie? As a solution to this problem, we have listed the best and famous lie detector test apps for Android as well as iPhone owners. You can easily install applications mentioned in this article on your device which will help you to determine between truth and lie.

Are Lie Detector apps real?

Many users must be wondering whether there is a lie detector app that really works or not. Well, to answer the question in a single word, No. The smartphones or Personal Computers are neither capable nor well equipped enough to run a lie detection setup.

Real Lie Detector Test Apps or Polygraph app

A lie detector machine requires a combination of many parts that cannot be bought or availed from the market. Hence, it is impossible to create a real lie detector app or machine. 

List of Lie Detector Test Apps

The list of applications provided in this article is a compilation of fake apps created to fool your friends for fun and entertainment. These applications can help you dig out the from your friend if you stage a little drama with the help of any true or a lie detector apps from this article. 

#1 Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test

Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test is one of the most popular lie detector apps for Android as well as iOS operating systems. You can use this app to encourage your friend to tell a lie, and then catch him/her using this application. 

This application is free of cost and available on the Store as well as the iPhone App Store. This is a fake lie detector app which gives the user the secret option to choose the outcome beforehand.
For Android
For Itunes

#2 Lie Detector Face Test Prank

As the name suggests, Lie Detector Face Test prank includes facial examination in the process of lie detection. As you may already know, while lying, face muscles of the person make a slightly concealed movement. Because this movement occurs in a really short time frame, it is not noticeable for a common man.

Nevertheless, you can use this application to persuade your friend that you are using a true lie detector app that provides correct results. This is also a free application available for both Android and iPhone users. 
Play Store Link
Apple Store Link

#3 Lie detector

“Lie detector” is a fabulous application that uses fingerprint scanning method to detect lies. Even though fingerprints cannot reveal the truth or lie behind a statement, you can easily prank your friends with this application. 

This application will ask for a fake fingerprint input which will be triggered by the touch sensor of the display. After the scanning, it will analyze the result for a few seconds and give you the result which is preset in the application. 
Play Store link
App Store Link

#4 Lie Detector Simulator

Play Store link:

Lie detector simulator is yet another polygraph app which can virtually detect lie or truth. The sound effects provided in this application and very interesting and entertaining. This a really easy to operate application available for the Android platform. 

This application also imitates a fingerprint scanning process to show the analysis of the statement. Just make your victim place his/her finger on the fingerprint scanner and the application will randomly display truth or lie result. 

#5 Why You Lying

Play Store link:

App Store link:

Why You Lying is a pretty fun application based on truth or lie phenomenon. This application is available for both Android and iOS systems. You can use this application to play the truth or lie games with your friends. You can also control the output of the application which makes it even more fun.

#6 BioDigital Lie Detector

App Store link:

Even though the name of BioDigital Lie Detector seems pretty fancy, this is another lie detector app designed to pull a prank your friends. This application is only available for iOS users. It can be downloaded directly from the App Store from the link given above. It also imitates voice level analysis to determine truth or lie. This features creates a pretty decent illusion. 

#7 Lie Truth Detector Simulator

Play Store link:

Lie truth detector simulator is rather a new true or lies detector application available for the Android operating system. This application contains various different methods to determine the truth or lie. It has fingerprint scanning which will require your victim to put a finger on the fake sensor and state a statement. The application will provide a result which you have saved in the application.

These are our picks for best lie detector test apps in 2019. Make sure you download and test all the applications to choose the one that suits your style best. If you have any query regarding best lie detector test apps, you can reach us through the comment section.

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