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You must have seen Superman using his laser vision to see through objects in the movies. It was pretty cool to watch in the films but now there is a product in town, that works similarly. Meet the Walabot, a pretty ominous name, but it offers great functionality.

The device is one of a kind with not much alternatives, and hence people are not overly welcome towards the Walabot. Most of them doubt whether it is worth the price tag, or simply is it required at all. In this review, we will be checking out the features of the Walabot in detail and see whether the device is needed at all.

What Exactly is the Walabot?

Walabot is basically a 3D imaging sensor, that can be used to see through pipes and walls within 4 inches in thickness. It can detect objects like wood, plastic, wires, conduit, and PVC pipes.  Besides the static objects, they can also detect movements. For example, you can check whether there are some rodents hiding behind the wall. Besides, you also detect termite nests and beehives as well.

Practically, you might have wanted to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a painting or an object. Just when you have set up everything and started to hammer, you might have realized that it doesn’t go in. On further inspection, you might find an obstruction within the wall. In such situations, the Walabot can save you a lot of time and energy.

How Does it Work?

The device uses radio waves to see through walls. The received radio waves have characteristics different from the outgoing radio waves. This helps in the identification of objects and movement.

The device is connected to our Android phone/ Tablet via a USB cable. A dedicated Android app is used to provide the interface. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. All you need to do is to just Search for Walabot DIY.

The app will not work without the Device. The app is exclusive to the Android platform as of now, there are no iPhone alternatives available.

Setting up the Walabot DIY

The Walabot DIY kit contains the following:

  1. A Walabot Device
  2. Two cables for connection- a micro USB cable and a Type C cable. Use the cable compatible with your phone.
  3. Plastic film to offer protection to your device.
  4. Gel Pad to keep your phone and the Walabot together.
  5. Next, you need to download the Walabot DIY app and provide the necessary permissions.
  6. Attach the protective film on the flat side of the Walabot.
  7. Now stick the Walabot and phone together using the Gel pad. The Gel pad is reusable and can be washed.
  8. Connect the USB cable and provide access to the USB device.

Thus we have successfully set up the device.

Using the Walabot Diy:

  1. You need to choose the kind of wall-Drywall or concrete.
  2. Place the device on the wall and click Start to initiate the calibration process.
  3. Move the device on 16-inch circles throughout the wall until the device informs it has been calibrated.
  4. Viewing Modes. There are three distinct viewing modes.
  5. Pan Mode-It presents a panoramic view of the wall and shows how many objects are behind it and also the distance between the objects. The vertical lines indicate the material of the objects. Same coloured lines mean objects of the same material.
  6. Image Mode-This mode is used to categorize different objects into a pipe, wire,  wooden stud, and metal stud respectively. For accurate results, move the device slowly.
  7. Expert Mode-This mode is useful when you want to detect movement and follow the path of pipes. Adjust the intensity bar according to different materials. Wires need high intensity while metal objects not so much.

For every new wall, you should recalibrate the device. While calibrating, press the Walabot firmly against the wall.

Wrapping Up:

Walabot is an Android exclusive and there are no iPhone alternatives yet. Forget an iPhone alternative, there are hardly any Android alternatives as well. With roughly the same size as a mobile phone, the device is portable and light. While the price may be slightly on the higher side, the uniqueness of the device ensures that your money will get good value. For Apple users, your iPhone alternative might be on the way as well.

In this review, we have provided you with all the information regarding Walabot. If you have any queries with regard to the content of the review, do write to us.


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