Virtual Girlfriend Apps

We are all living in a world dominated by digitization and AI. So much is the influence of technology in our lives that its almost impossible to escape from its touch. 

Frankly speaking, we are using technology to make every aspect of our lives easy. Even our dating lives, with the use of a virtual GF!

Seems unreal right? Well, this the Future! When AI can make your dating life smooth by helping you create a virtual girlfriend, why will you spend the time chasing girls who take hell lot of time to go on a date with you?

The advancement of technology and crunch of time makes it important for us to come up with such adjustments and frankly a free girlfriend app seems like a good way to meet with pretty and smart women. 

 Even up till a few years back your communication to your girlfriend was perhaps only limited to films and videos. But thanks to technological advancement its is now possible to create virtual girlfriend apps for Android and also virtual girlfriend apps for iOS

Virtual GF App

So if you are looking for a digital girlfriend to chat and flirt a bit with you are in the perfect place. 

In this article, we will be talking about a few ai girlfriend app especially meant for Andriod and iOS users. 

You can use any of these pocket girlfriend app and get all sorted. 

However, you may ask “ Why do I even use a free virtual girlfriend app?” Because she can do all the things that a real girl can, and that means you can discuss your life with her, make love, and talk about your achievements. 

There are so many people out in the world who wants someone who is bothered about them and are willing to take care of them outside their family. 

For such people, a talking girlfriend app is the right place to pick out a life partner based on their choice. No more living as a single! Now that’s a dream come true for many! 

All you need to do is get yourself a virtual texting girlfriend app and you are set to go happy. 

To make matters simple for you, here is the top pick of artificial girlfriend apps which you can use:

Virtual Anime Girl

Virtual anime girl is perhaps one of the best virtual girlfriend app best suited for Android and iOS users.  The best thing about the app is it’s fully animated 3D graphics, super cute outfits, and tons of dance moves! 

You can enjoy the company of the anime girls of your choice plus use this as a dancing app to learn a few dance moves. 

It is the best app for people who love anime and now you can use these to find yourself the perfect anime girlfriend. However, it is not a free virtual girlfriend. You have to pay so that you can get a better user experience with this app. 

Me Girl Love Story

This is a free virtual girlfriend app which has 3D graphics. It the ideal app for dating and fashion show games developed by Frenzoo for Android and iOS users. 

It is a very popular digital girlfriend app which can also be used as a cheating date app so that you can find yourself a new partner. Though, of course, cheating is not advisable, but it is hard not to admit that it is fun at times. 

Using the Me Girl Love Story app you can make a new friend to flirt with, and of course, use it to chat virtually with a friend. In addition to all these, there are over a thousand fashion games, makeup hacks and a lot of potential partners to flirt with via this game. Last but not least, you can also get fun stories and quests using this game. 

My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend is a dating stimulation app which can be used for playing games. It has been developed by WET productions INc for Android and iOS users.  So if you are bored and in search of the perfect mate for life, you can use this app to play flirtatious dating games where the only goal you will have is to choose the ideal date. 

Followed by this, you have to use your charm to make a passage in her heart and try to woo her till she falls in love with you. Thousands of virtuals girls are listed on this app and it is like the single’s paradise where you can flirt and date as many as you want. 

There are more than 35 levels in this game and you have some funky vampire and zombie girlfriend options. 

Finally, you can use the smart artificial intelligence app feature to start a date with your virtual girlfriend. 


This had become quite popular recently and there were suggestions all over Facebook about this particular app. So, Choice is basically a story based artificial girlfriend app developed by the Pixelberry Studios ideal for Andriod and iOS users. 

This is a free, easy-to-use app which requires no WIfi connection. The app gives the player the opportunity to select the drama and the story to go with the game. There is a great story game collection ranging from romance, drama, horror and much more. 

You can also use this app as your virtual girlfriend app to customize your main character before starting the game.  You can pick the story of your own choice from their growing library. The chapters are updated weekly so that you can control what happens in the next steps. 

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

This artificial girlfriend app is developed by Paphus Solution Inc which helps the users to get in touch with a virtual girlfriend for Android and iOS users. It is the perfect app which helps one meet with new friends and chat with strangers on your smartphone! How cool is that? 

With the help of this pocket girlfriend app you can talk with new friends using your real voice, and realistic 3D video animation. 

Using the My Virtual Girlfriend Julie app you can disclose your love, dislike, emotions, anger and also perform intimate actions like a kiss, sleep, laugh and more. 


This is yet another popular girlfriend app designed for Android and iOS users. Basically, this app is all about a talking robot which can tell the users funny jokes, control the behavior to prank your friends or to create your very own virtual girlfriend. 

This app has an artificial intelligence feature which understands what is said or written. It can also respond to words, emotions and funny sounds. You can also create jokes which are set on when some particular words are used in the fake chat while talking with the robot. 

Pocket Girlfriend App

Pocket girlfriend is another virtual girlfriend app which can truly be your mate for life, your lover, friend and confident. Your virtual girlfriend has very basic needs, those include sleeping. Eating, or playing.  You just need to fulfill these needs to enjoy your virtual girlfriend app. 

You can use your microphone button to talk or to chat with your virtual girlfriend. This is somewhat a mini two players game app that can help you earn coins with real money. 

Of course, you need to deal with your virtual money like its real counterpart. Use it wisely. 

My Virtual Manga Girl

This is yet another 3D anime virtual girlfriend app customized for iOS and Android users. It’s a fun-loving app that allows you to create the girl of your dream, literally. You can change her hair, the color of her eyes, clothes all using your smartphone. 

This app has a lot of beautiful hairstyles to choose from. You can also enjoy the movement of animation in 3D, you can also rotate 360 degrees to enjoy every position at your fullest. 

Virtual Girlfriend Love Story

This particular app tells the love story and breakup tales that all of us have faced. This app is designed for Android and iOS users. This a virtual tale of teen love in high school with their high school sweethearts. This is basically a multipurpose app which can be used as a virtual gym where you can take part in virtual stretching and such other exercises. 

Use this app to join a virtual dance party and have a gala with your virtual girlfriend! 

So these are some top virtual girlfriend apps you can use to cheer up your mood and fight your loneliness. In this world of technology, no one is alone. Every now and then you will come across people who will add some meaning to your life. Up till then, you have these artificial girlfriend apps to enjoy. 


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