That’s what she said Origin

If you are holding a party and you want to spike it up, then you should definitely think of one of the most popular ‘That’s what she said card game’. This is because it has gained immense popularity in the recent days and is recommended by one and all. Now if you are wondering about the uniqueness in the name of the game, lets sneak a peek into the origin.

That’s what she said Origin

Sometimes you might be pondering over the fact that how the game came up named ‘that’s what she said’, and why everyone is so excited about the same. There are tons of memes and jokes that have been brought up on the same and that is the reason why you need to trace the history of the game in the first place.

‘That’s what she said’ is a very popular phrase that can be traced back to the ancient biblical days – as it is nothing but an epitaph. In  America, it is one of the most demanding documented phrase as because in the year 1975, Chevy Chase could not stop using this phrase as a joke in the Saturday Night Live Show. It also was used time and again in the Wayne’s World show and later the movie as well.

If you look back, you will see that the history of the phrase lies back in the Edwardian period and since then, it has been used in the various segments of literature as well as TV shows. With every passing date, instead of waning popularity, the use of this phrase just grew more in frequency and that is when the gaming enthusiasts decided to come up with a new board game in the name of this phrase. Now all we have to do is to get a clear view about this game so that we can indulge in it sometime or the other.

All about ‘That’s what she said’

If you are hosting a party and you do not want it to be a boring one, then you definitely have to keep this game so that  you can have a hilarious time along with friends. The designers of this game has carved it brilliantly so that it is complete with crooked innuendos and is the best thing to be played by the party animals. It has some of the best cards and will definitely make the party a lot more fun than it actually was. If you want the spike in the party and want everyone to laugh out loud, then ‘That’s what she said’ board game is the one that you should be looking forward to.

That’s what she said’ board game : How do you play this game?

Remember that the minimum entry age of the game is 18 years and the game can be started with a minimum of players. It believes in the phrase ‘ the more the merrier’ so you do not have to be confined to a fixed number of players. The maximum time taken for the game to last is 60 minutes while the minimum time is 30 minutes.

  • First you have to keep all the white phrase cards along with the red setup cards on the table with their back side up. Make sure that they are being kept in separate piles and not compiled together.
  • Now tell each of the players to pick up 5 of the white phrase cards in their hand.
  • Funny part is, the person who is the most into kinky stuff will have to be the judge at first. The work of the judge is to take up red cards one by one and read them aloud to all the participants.
  • The rest of the participants apart from the judge will have to respond by placing their most funny card on the table with its face down.
  • Now the judge does the work of shuffling the card before they share each and every answer with the group. For even better results, he or she can read the red setup cards with each of the answers.
  • Now everyone has to choose the funniest of all the cards that has been placed and whoever contributed to it will be the winner of the round!

How is the scoring done in the game?

The one who wins the first round gets to have the red setup card as a winning mark for that particular round. This way the collection would go on till one participant collects 5 cards in total and wins the game.

Once done, the re-drawing can be done by the participants apart from the judge as they can let go of their least liked card and instead pick up two fresh cards to play with.

Then the judge changes and the second most kinkiest person becomes the judge and the cycle goes on till all the participants have acted the judge.

Game strategies that you need to know:

That’s what she said’ game rules,

Now that you know the ‘That’s what she said’ game rules, you also have to know about the tricks and strategies so that you can be ahead of others.

  • Use re-draw technique in every round- This means you have to refresh after playing every one round, discarding a card and picking two fresh so that your chances of winning becomes more.
  • Discarding technique- You can open the top of the box and place it as a storage space for all the already played cards so that they do not get mixed with the fresh ones.
  • If you want to continue the game, then you can reshuffle by using the discarded cards along with the fresh ones to renew the game.

Did you know that if your recent pile of cards does not seem to be enough, then you can always get the expansion version from the store so that you can have more participants and new content to play with?

Who would like to play this game?

This game is meant for all the party animals who want to have their party going on in a wild manner. This game is a party in a box and it makes your ongoing party wilder by tingling your imagination. If you are into adult stuff, then this is the kind of game that you should be indulging in along with your friends, This is because it is a naughty game with phrases that have outrageous secual innuendos that will make every one of you laugh out hard. The game is as dirty as your mind wants it to be- and trust us when we say this, it is better than the conventional truth or dare. It lets your kinkiest side unfold and it comprises of cards against humanity with a wild and kinky twist. The number of different friends that you meet and play it with, the varied becomes the outcome. Play it anywhere you like- be it the bachelorette parties or even the ladies night out, and you are sure to have your daily shot of fun. It comprises of 400 white cards and 58 red cards.

Where to play the game?

Ladies Night Out- Once you play this game at Ladies Night Out with your friends, you will be able to get their dirty little secrets out of their lips while playing this extremely kinky game!

Game Night- Let not your game night turn out to be a boring affair with dumb charades. With that’s what she said game, you can make the party nasty and complete with adulterous humor.

Bachelorette parties- No bachelorette parties can be complete without the brides and the bridesmaid playing this game and having a fun time together. It will punch you with humor in the stomach and you will roll off laughing!

Advantages and disadvantages of the game


  • That’s what she said is a hilarious game which is meant to bring the party group together and bind them with humor. It will also make the party wild with the outrageous innuendos and is the best for kinky people.
  • The game can happen with 4 to 10 people and the more number of people participate, the funnier the game becomes.
  • Full of sexual innuendos for giving out double meanings and making the game even funnier.
  • To be the judge, a kinky mindset is all you need.


  • The game contains adult content so it might not be a good thing to play with parents or elders around- otherwise you will have to play in hushed tones which is technically impossible.
  • Once you run out of fresh cards you will have to buy the expanded version for a fresh supply of cards.

Bottom Line

The popular That’s what she said game reviews say that almost all the users have been able to have fun experience from this product and have recommended a lot others to use as well. But before buying you can also take a look at the That’s what she said game examples on Youtube so that you know how to play this game better and how to enjoy it more.


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