What Apps Can Help College Students Stay Organized and Manage Their Social Lives?

College life is busy. Between attending classes, late-night study sessions, clubs, athletics, and everything else that makes up the average day for a college student, being organized is mandatory. Having a healthy social life is also compulsory and that, too, requires some good organizational skill to manage.

But what if I’m just not that organized?  It’s a real problem for many young people, especially those still adjusting to the inertia of college life. Fortunately, we live in an age where help for issues like this is literally sitting in our pockets. Yes, we are talking about time management apps here, and plenty can help with both personal and academic organization.

Let’s face it, and you won’t have asocial life at all without a little creative prior planning. The following appscan help with that. Let’s have a look:

#1: Google Keep

Google Keep is an app that allows students to set reminders andcapture thoughts without worrying about forgetting them later. If an idea popsinto your head for something to include in a term paper, Google Keep cancapture it and present it visually in a way that makes the concept easy toretrieve and even easier to remember.

Multiple notestyles allow you to organize notes into categories and call them up with ease.You won’t forget a class or a date with this one, and it will help you get yourcoursework done faster!

#2: Evernote

Much more than anote-taking app, Evernote allows you to bookmark and retrieveall kinds of documents including built-in tools to help keep all your notesorganized. You finally have found a good lab report example that you would like to emulate for amajor assignment? Save it to Evernote. Found a great quote for your next essayor paper? Evernote will keep it safe until it’s time to use it.

#3: EssayPro
A lot of students are looking to get their college or university studies done and over with as quickly as possible. The most realistic way to do this is, unfortunately, by either taking extra classes each semester or attending summer courses, which is definitely not ideal. Luckily there is an online writing service such as EssayPro where students can delegate tasks in order to manage additional classes.

#4: Freedom
Let’s face it, and the Internet is both an incredible educational asset and a huge distraction. It is easy to divert attention away from work when notifications and other distractions keep butting in. Freedom helps eliminate a majority of those kinds of distractions so you can get back to the business of learning and work toward that degree. Stay focused on work, and it will get done faster. That also means more time to socialize!

#5: Focus Booster
Modeled after the Pomodoro Technique, Focus Booster helps students break up their schedules into manageable chunks. It is an excellent app for adult students who need a simple way to keep track of various tasks like coursework, study, or research. It includes dashboards that measure time usage and give break reminders to help ensure better productivity.

All of the above apps can help busy students like you not only get organized but also develop valuable time management habits that will follow you well beyond your college years. We invite you to have a look at each one and see if any or all of them can help make having a social life more manageable.


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