What not to Ask Siri?

What not to Ask Siri?

It has been almost six years since Siri has come to our lives as the digital assistant of Apple phones and iPad. Since the gracing of Siri in our lives, we have thrown the craziest questions at her to almost all of which she has come up with weird answers to throw back at us. This has been going on for a while now. As much as you might enjoy this, there are some questions which must not be asked to Siri.

Even though, Siri may have answers to all your questions and this game might even seem quite interesting to you, some questions may just get you in trouble with the response Siri may give to them. You and Siri might enjoy a good chat, however, there are some things which are best when left unsaid.

what not to Ask Siri?

As much as all of us enjoy time with Siri 3 am questions, you can risk a lot for yourself with a few questions which must never be asked to Siri. Without any further delay, here is a guide on what not to ask Siri:

                                                    what not to ask Siri ? – Siri 3 am questions
  1. Never ask Siri to give you a cute nickname

Nope never does that. Like your first name is not enough to make you look different from the rest of the world that you want another humorous nickname for yourself. It may look interesting to you when you are alone and Siri starts giving you names, but never make the same question to Siri when you have company. As interesting as it may seem, Siri can give you quite unreliable names when asked and it may put you down in front of your friends, meetings, or anywhere else you are at that time.

  1. Never ask Siri for health advice

As helpful and reliable Siri is, never ask her questions which may have a diverse effect on your health especially which relate to a particular illness or addiction. It is not important that she will give you the best advice. The replies she gives you may be misleading and if you seriously follow them without referring to a professional, they may put you in trouble physically and mentally. For particular health advice, it is always recommendable that you take advice only from a professional doctor or someone who has accurate knowledge in the same context.

Real life situations should be left to real-life experts.

  1. Never ask Siri to call your girlfriend or boyfriend in front of your current partner

Siri can make itself accommodable to all the people from your contacts with some family tags and a few commands. So, when you ask Siri to call someone from your contact list, she automatically finds the relevant person with the tag and will make a call after confirmation. So now if you have two people or more who have tags like your partner does in the past, Siri will come with the question of answering your boyfriend or girlfriend with “which one?” and you might have to answer some question after that to your partner.

To avoid such scenarios in your life, make sure that you do not ask Siri questions which might put you on risks.

  1. Never talk about Cortana in front of Siri

As witty and answerable Siri is, she will not like it if you ask her questions about one of her rival digital assistants. With the incoming of Alexa in Amazon and Cortana and even Google assistant, Siri has become insecure of her digital assistant crown and you might not want to get in trouble by asking her questions about the same or addressing her like one.

Here is what she is going to answer you if you address her as one of her rivals which is an extremely passive yet aggressive reply full of wit like always:

‘Very funny! I mean this is not ha-ha funny, but yeah still funny!’

  1. Never ask Siri to make emergency calls unless you actually need them

When you ask Siri to make emergency calls, she immediately does so without reconfirming as she decides that you might be in need and does not waste even a single second. Some people have started misusing this feature of Siri and started making prank calls to the emergency numbers. This is quite risky as you may not want to disturb the respective authorities just for fun. So, take it very seriously and never ask Siri to make emergency calls.

Not only this, sometimes you may ask Siri to do something which has some relation to emergency numbers like asking her to charge your phone up to a 100 percent and she may confuse herself and make an emergency call on 100 which is quite risky. Similarly, you may ask her to make some calculations which include 911 and she may assume that you want her to call 911 and she may make a call immediately. So never indicate her on making such mistakes as she is just a robot but you are not.

  1. Never use swear words in front of Siri

Siri will get back to with you being a rude indication if you ever use swear or abusive words in front of her. So, do not make the mistake of using swear words in front of her if you do not want to get a nice vocal spank on your face

  1. Never ask her what is zero if divided by zero

This is what you are going to hear back if you ask her such irrelevant question:

‘imagine that you have zero cookies and you divide it into zero friends. Now, guess how many cookies does each friend have? This does not make any sense, and so does your question.”

To avoid cases to get over witted with Siri’s replies, it is the best that you only ask her relevant and meaningful questions and interact her with simplicity. Enjoy what she offers and do not try to mess with her. EVER!


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