Top 5 Educational Games for iOS

Having children nowadays makes parents concerned about new technologies. No matter how they look at them, the latter can make a positive contribution to their kids’ educational process.

When it comes to iPhones and iPads, there are many iOS educationally-focused entertainments. These apps are able to create what doesn’t exist in the real world. For example, for pupils, it is often hard to get what fractions are, even if they are written in multiple colors. But when they are dealing with them while flying through space in order to save the planet from a meteor shower, they have more chances to gain a better understanding of the subject.

Most parents try to take mobiles and tablets away from their kids with might and main. They want them to invest in their own imagination and make friends outdoors. But, in fact, there is nothing bad about kids playing virtual games. What adults really should do is to control what kind of apps they install on their devices.

Enjoying educational entertainments will allow kids to boost their mental development in a fun manner: the apps help children to prepare for school and gain some useful knowledge of techs – which have already taken their roots in our daily life. Using the apps makes it easier for parents to create a perfect learning environment, filled with colorful animations and incredible sound effects, for their kids. In this case, adults are the ones who can decide on how long their kids solve fractions or memorize vocabularies, and how long they play outside and make friends with neighbors.

While high school students often surf the Internet to find the best thesis writing services, pre-schoolers try to enjoy their childhood as long as possible and thus look for top-rated game-based apps. Below, there is some information on five educationally-focused entertainments developed specifically for small Apple users.

How did it work?

This app attracts kids with its vibrant animations, simple experiments, joyful tasks, and elocutionary acts developed for pre-schoolers who cannot read. All of these help users to discover some of the most common natural phenomena people deal with on Earth. For example, this game can explain to kids why the sky is blue in a way that is understandable for little explorers.

Top 5 Educational Games for iOS
Top 5 Educational Games for iOS

I Learn with Boing

This game helps parents to prepare their kids for school: it was initially created to develop the language skills of preschoolers. However, the app also provides learning in many subject areas, including science, math, and literacy, and all of these are presented in an entertaining game-based manner. The users can adjust the game by choosing the relevant difficulty level. Designed by both development and educational professionals, this game allows creating one account with personalized paths for up to four users.


The main purpose of this app is to teach kids cooking. However, this game can also come in handy for parents who what to arouse kids’ interest in counting and rule-following. A huge amount of recipes and a kitchen equipped with everything needed for cooking allow kids to create culinary masterpieces.

As soon as they try a recipe in a virtual environment, they will definitely want to treat their family with a good dinner in reality. With this app, kids learn everything about weights and measures. They develop their culinary skills by combining different foods and cooking them.

Kids Academy

Created with pre-schoolers’ needs in mind, this app is packed with numerous interactive entertainments, videos, puzzles, songs, and so forth. All of these are designed for teaching math, literacy, and reading. This learning platform allows kids to develop their skills by collecting puzzles, sorting, matching, watching videos, and doing screen-free activities.

Toca Lab

Those who have ever thought about purchasing a chemistry kit for their kids should definitely install this game on their kids’ iPhones and iPads. This educational platform is a very good and safe alternative to a real lab. With it, kids can get a deeper insight into the chemical elements and what happens when one heats up, cools down, mixes, and shakes them. All elements are presented as cute characters to arouse kids’ interest.

Involved in the learning process, kids are more likely to get inspired to continue their exploration without their devices.

Above, we have collected the best educational entertainments developed specifically for preschoolers and elementary and middle school kids. These apps are an interesting and fun tool for teaching kids and pupils. With them, children are able to develop their strategical thinking, concentration, observation, and other skills they will need to succeed academically later on.

There are many apps available in the App Store nowadays. With their vibrant animations, colorful puzzles, interesting videos, flashcards, and more, they make the learning process a very entertaining activity for kids. Today, it is hard to imagine adults leaving their kids without smartphones and tablets, not to mention that it makes no sense. But it is up to parents to decide how effectively their children use these devices.


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