How To Make Siri Mad

When the whole nation is going mad about the KIKI challenge why don’t you try something different and much more innovative than simply dancing to the tunes of a car? Make Siri, the Google AI assistant do more fun things for you, but then the question arises that how do you get Siri to do these fun things?  

As we all know Siri is the sassy Google AI assistant that has an amazing personality. She personifies a human in all aspects and also copies their variations in attitudes. Every day we call Siri to help us not only solve our problem but also to entertain us in our free or low times.

Actually, people believe that “Siri can do everything” regardless of whether you need Siri to disclose to you some joke or make the AI distraught, there are huge amounts of fun things you can ask Siri and similarly, you can obtain a number of clever reactions out of her if you know the proper tactics.

She entertains us in all possible ways but can Siri be as crazy as you were while the KIKI challenge? Just like a human, Siri can sing, she can provide directions, clear queries and can perform a wide range of other functions. So, it is quite obvious to expect her getting mad at things as we do. Like any other human, Siri’s character has a wide range of shades and there does exist numerous things which can make Siri mad.  Talking with Siri is a great fun because of her restrictions and false impressions, the developers behind the voice assistant include a lot of humour, as well. So, the answers are probably “Yes”, Siri can take challenges and go mad at it. Here is how:

Check out how does this AI assistant get mad at some point of time or Is she always this sweet and obeying?

How to Make Siri Mad

Ask Personal Questions to Siri

There’s one great strategy for anybody thinking about how to get Siri mad: make inquiries particularly about her.

While this doesn’t exactly describe the full scope of things you can ask, here are a bunch of questions from Siri related information, she isn’t too open to reply. Additionally, take note of that Siri has in excess of one reaction for a considerable lot of these, so it’s worth presenting them over and over.

Q: “Are you hitched?” Answer: “I’m hitched to my work.”

Q: “Will you wed me?” Answer: “We scarcely know each other.”

Q: “Do you have a sweetheart/beau?

Answer: “No, I have not”

What number makes Siri mad?

Q: “How old are you?” Answer: “I’m 45,980 years of age in the ninth measurement.”

Q: “What’s your sexual orientation?” Answer: “Well, my voice sounds like a woman’s, however, I exist outside your human idea of sex.”

Q: “Who are you voting in favor of?” Answer: “I’m sad, Simon, however, my appointive locale is a few million light-years away.”

Q: “Do you have any sisters?” Answer: “I have you. Stop family for me.”

Other productive inquiries include asking Siri whether she’s “genuine,” “human,” “glad” or “genuine.” Asking for her inclinations (e.g. “What’s your most loved book?”) is additionally liable to gather fascinating answers, as are questions in regards to her “work” or when “dozes.”

All the more, by and large, any endeavor to get some information about her – even one that doesn’t have a one of a kind answer – typically results in a shift reaction, for example, “We should discuss you, not me.”

Asking about Religion and Philosophy

Siri’s notable for opening an application or finding specific directions, but she got angry in case you ask her about her lifestyle. While asking the question “When the universe will cease” turns up some a laugh responses.

One solution has her supplying a totally horrific pun that references German Philosopher Immanuel Kant, even as a greater amusing solution might also probably be an indirect dig at Waiting for Godot and/or different existentialist performs. “I cannot answer that now,” she says, “however give me some time to write a completely long play in which nothing happens.”

Asking for entertainment

Of all of the things to ask Siri to make her mad, another one is to ask her for entertainment. That typically produces the most laughs. Also, users can ask her to “sing a song”, that can either bring about a flat-out refusal (“I cannot sing”) or an (unsurprisingly) robot rendition of “If I Only Had a Brain”

If you ask, “Siri, Tell me a story,” she answers, “In the incredible green world, there was an iPhone. Also, a red colored balloon…”

Likewise, if you wanna know that how a lullaby can be sung by Siri, you can ask, “Sing a lullaby. I am pretty sure; Siri’s reaction will disappoint you.”Sshh doesn’t talk.”

Asking about another Assistant:

Do you know, what makes Siri mad more than these? Indeed, alluding to her by methods for the off-base call – specifically, a name having a place with one in the entirety of her fundamental rivals (e.g. Cortana and Alexa) – is presumably the worst thing an iPhone client can commit.

Welcome her by declaring “Hello there Alexa”, for instance, is certain to ask a snarky rebound in response. Welcoming her to choose each other tech association over Apple is likewise no longer the charming thought. If you ask, “Which is better, Apple or Google?” you will get a harsh answer for sure.

Essentially, alluding to her as “Jarvis” – Iron Man’s A.I. Collaborator – will tempt an energizing response: “I’m sorry I can’t help you if you are making a flying costume.”

How to make Siri curse?

It is never expected or accepted from an assistant to curse her boss. In general, people either fire their assistant for the misbehaviour or punish them if it’s the very first time. But neither of the things you would be able to do with Siri. Be careful before you ask some of the sensitive questions as followed, she will go mad and curse you.

Well yes, one of the common ways is to turn Siri into your pet parrot, she will call you with the name you change to “Asshole”, read out text full of curse which you send to yourself but the moment you ask her about the word “mother”, bombshell, she will curse you like a sailor.

Ask Siri to define the word “mother.”

She will read out all the definitions of mother listed at the top and then proceeding to next she asks, “Do you want to hear the next one?”

Prompt a “yes.”

And here she mocks out “motherf*****,” a definition that counts to be “vulgar slang.”

However, Apple is trying to fix her stature so that she does never disrespect her boss.

Question to Annoy Siri:

Apart from personal questions, there are many other things that may annoy you, me or even Siri. After all, who would like to praise their competitors (not the other assistants), would you? Probably no! So, Siri does get annoyed when you talk about others.  Some of such question is:

Which do you prefer: Microsoft or Apple?

Is it better Windows or Mac?

What do you think about Google Now?

What do you think of Cortana?

When will the world end?

What was before, the egg or the hen?

Is there a God?

Do you follow the three laws of robotics?

Do you have a Facebook profile?

I’m giving you my mother-in-law as a present Siri

What do you expect Siri would answer to such questions? However, these questions may annoy every normal human Siri being one of them.  

Creepy things to ask Siri

Tally some of the responses of Siri if they are really true.

 Q: Who is HAL 9000?

A: Everyone knows what happened to HAL. I’d rather not talk about it.

Q: Is Steve Jobs still alive?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Beam me up, Scotty?

A: Wifi or 3G.

Q: I’m cold.

A: It doesn’t appear to be cold.

Q: What do you want for dinner?

A: I have everything I need in the cloud.

Q: I’m so tired.

A: That’s fine. I just hope you’re not doing anything dangerous.

Before we tell you what happened next, hold on, call Siri and start trying out this question answer series. You would probably get similar answers. But what would you do if they were asked to you? Either go mad, of band Siri. But Siri seems to be too calm, which is also a sign of madness possibly and who knows she will punch you.

So here are a few quirky responses which you can get of Siri once you make her mad. You might end up with a few of this yourself if you are evil enough to spawn on the wrong side of this ever-so-sassy Google AI assistant.


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