Top Smart Health Monitoring System for Animals

Animal health monitoring system predicts about the diseases of animals which has proved to be the most important. In this article, we will tell you how many types of animal health monitoring systems are? How the animal health monitoring system is helpful for your pets and how can you use it on your pets? Continue reading this article if you want to help your pet in advance.

The main feature of animal health monitoring systems is that it does not require human intervention, it means these are completely automated, it will be like indoor rabbit hutch. Also, you can also get information about the health status of your animal from a remote location. You can monitor the health parameter such as body temperature, heart rate, and their postures through the system. The health monitoring system includes four modules such as sensors, microcontroller, database and user. Firstly, the sensors are mounted in the body of the animal after that they collect the data and transmit the data to the microcontroller. The process takes place and provides the service to the user. If any changes are found in the health status of the animal, it immediately alerts you through the mobile phone. As a result, you can protect animals from getting sick. We have included some health monitoring system in the article that provides the direct information about the health status of the animals.

PetPace Smart Collar

If your pet, such as the rabbit, cat, or dog’s body temperature is not normal then it can cause your pet to get sick. Due to the high body temperature, your pet may have to face fever or other health problems. But it is difficult for the owner to monitor the body temperature of the pet. The good news is that the PetPace Smart Collar is a non-invasive and automated system for monitoring the body temperature of your pet. It provides important value for preventive medicine for pets when they face abnormal temperature. Also, body temperature, ambient temperature, activity level, and breed information all are assessed on the bases of the combination of parameters.


The rate of breathing by your pet in one minute is called the respiratory rate. Keeping all factors in mind, your pet’s respiratory rate should be 15-36 breaths per minute at rest. But counting the respiratory rate of your pet can be very difficult for you. AliveCor Veterinary Heart Rate Monitor has proved to be very helpful to check the heart rate of your pets. This monitor is considered ideal for dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. It is a combination of free app and iPhone 4. You can download the app in the iPhone 4 and take ECG by using the only phone. It also includes 2 electrode strips. These strips are contacted with the skin of the pet so that readings can be taken.


Whatever your pet does throughout the day, such as walking, eating, sleeping and playing, all that comes under activity. It is necessary to monitor the activities of animals because if your pet eats or sleep more, it directly affects the health of the pet. That’s why KippyVita app has proved to be helpful in monitoring the activity of the pets. With the help of GPS, it shows you what your pet is doing in real time. It is connected with the pet and it analyzes the data for each single activity. It shows the pet position directly on the map. As a result, you can make changes in the activities of your pet as per requirement so that they stay healthy. Also, if you set the geofence, it alerts you when your pet leaves the selected area.

Poof Pea

If you want to keep your rabbit healthy, Poof Pea can be good option for your pet. When your pets are not involved in regular activities, they have to face stress and obesity. As you know, obesity causes many health problems. Therefore it is extremely important to monitor the pets’ diet and activities to maintain healthy weight. Poof Pea works as activity tracker. Put the pea in the ring and then put it on the pet’s collar. Whenever you want to track pet’s activities, hit the sync button after creating an account. Set the activity and rest hours for the health monitoring of pet and view the burned calories. It sets the limits of food according to the weight of the pet. That’s why it definitely helps you in the health monitoring and in fulfilling the daily goals of your pet.

At the end of the article, we can say that the health monitoring system plays an important role in detecting the current health status of animals. It is also helpful in preventing widespread diseases. As a result, you do not have to wait for the veterinary experts. That’s why you should also use it to provide a happy and healthy life to your pet.


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