Best iPhones Security Camera Apps

These days there is a great need of security cameras and by downloading iPhone security camera apps, you can see your security camera from your iPhones. With best iPhones security camera app, you can enjoy all the features of a security camera in your iPhones. Here in this article, you will be finding some of the best security cam apps for iPhone.

Top 12 Best Security Apps For iPhones


Alfred Security Camera

This is one of the best and highest rated Security camera apps for iPhones that comes with features like Motion detection, Low light filter, and pet monitor. Because of its features and quality, this app has many users. This app is free to use but to use the best features, you need to pay. With this app, the recording is very simple. All you need is to tap the recording button. The motion detection feature of the Alfred Security Camera notifies you when something unexpected happens. This app comes with many languages like English, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Simplified Chinese, and Turkish etc. Alfred app can be used on up to 6 devices that have IOS 8 or above. This app is very simple to use and set up.


With the help of this app, you can see all your security cameras from wherever you are. GV-Eye is available on App Store and also available on Google Play Store. Just install this app on your iPhones and you will be able to preview each of your security cameras. This app works well with the IOS version 8 or later.

ManyThing Security App

This app is very easy to set up. There are some amazing features in this app like with its sound and motion feature; you will be notified when there is some unexpected movement or sound in your home or office. Also with this app, you can talk to the people at your home. Many time security camera app requires a monthly subscription if you want to use more features. You can also use this app on your computer. With its new feature now you can record the sounds if your camera has an internal microphone. Just flip the switch in the Settings to use this feature. IOS version 8 or higher is required to use this app.

Video Surveillance Ivideon

This app is one of the top-rated security cam apps for iPhones. It allows you to track multiple locations from anywhere. Everything recorded is stored in the cloud so that you can access that later. Also, with this app, you can share the camera links over social networks. Video Surveillance Ivideon notifies you when anything suspicious movement or sound is found. Videos that are stored in the Ivideon cloud can be easily viewed. If by any chance you found any difficulty in using or found any problem, you can simply contact the customer care of Ivideon. They are available 24/7.

Home Security Monitor Camera

Home Security Monitor Camera app is a paid app which offers you many security camera features. This app contains anti-thief system. The audio quality of this app is very high as with this app you can hear a tiny sound. Everything recorded in this app is stored in the cloud. When the battery is very low it notifies you. This app is can be easily found in the Apple’s App Store. Just download it and start using it by connecting as many devices as you want.

WardenCam Video Surveillance

It is one of the best iPhone surveillance apps that you can use for free. You can use this app even when you have a slow network. This app has the features like a motion detector, Night Vision mode, and alerts. It notifies you by push notifications and email when something suspicious is found. The best part of this app is that if you have any old smartphone, you can use it as a home surveillance camera. Just like other similar apps, this app has a cloud storage option to store videos. Stored videos can be easily accessed by any device with an internet connection.


This app has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. You can use this app by downloading it from the Apple Store or from the official website of Reolink. You can access the camera previews from anywhere with this app. There are only three steps to set up this device.  Reolink works only with the IOS version 8 or higher. Even with a slow network, you can watch the live streaming whenever you want. It notifies you when motion detection is triggered. You can set the time of recordings easily with this app. Reolink comes with many languages and can be shared with up to six family members.

At Home Video Streamer CCTV cam

Another famous iOS Security camera app that comes with a face detection feature is at home video streamer CCTV cam.  It sends you a notification whenever any face is detected. You can connect your computer too with this app. This app can be used for many purposes like baby monitor, pet and for elder care. Live videos can be watched with a 3G/4G or with a Wi-Fi connection. Night feature of the app records quality videos in the night. This app lets you stream for cameras on a single screen thus making it simple for you to check everything. At Home Video Streamer CCTV cam lets you talk to the people that come to your home by an inbuilt mic.

This app helps you to monitor your home in real time. You can access the live streaming from anywhere. It has the features like motion and sound detector that notifies you via a push-up notification and email if something is wrong in your home or business. Other features of this app include locking and unlocking doors, Turning lights on or off, Viewing captured images and setting up the ideal temperature. This app is available at the Apple Store and free to use. The rating of app is more than 4 stars.

Instant Webcam

Instant webcam is another popular iPhones security app that let you stream videos in a very high quality. You can watch full-screen videos from any device with this app. The best part of the instant webcam is that there is no need of any set up to get started with this app. Just open the app and click on the link to start streaming in the browser. While streaming in the browser, you can still download it. You can select the quality and the resolution of the video you want to watch. To run this app on your iPhones, you need iOS version 8 or higher. This is a paid app.

Presence Vide Security

Like other security apps, this app also can be used for various security purposes. You can monitor what’s going on in your home or office when you are not there with the help of this app. The motion detector feature notifies you whenever any suspicious moment is found. This app is available in three languages English German and Chinese.  This app is available for free but to use the premium features, you need to pay. It works well with the iOS version 6.0 or higher.


ISentry is also a best ip camera app for iPhone that you can use in your home or office. It has all the features that a security camera should have. This app takes the pic when anything unexpected happens and sends it to you immediately. With this app, you can schedule the time to start recording. And also you can use sound alerts too. Other settings of iSantry include camera resolution, use of flash, email notification and upload limit etc. When a picture is taken, it is stored in your device’s storage. Along with this, iSantry can also upload those pics to your Google Drive and Drop box. This app works with iOS version 7.0 and higher. There is also one more option of that lets you add a Time Stamp on every recorded video so that you can easily find the particular day’s video. But if you enable this setting, the video quality will be lowered as the recording will recording will be done with a lower frame rate.


So, these are the best security camera apps for the iPhone. You can download any one of your choices and use it. Some apps listed here are free to use and others are paid. The free version doesn’t offer much. So, if you are really serious about using an iOS security camera app, then you should try the paid apps as you will find more features in the paid versions of any app. Also, while downloading, do consider the iOS version of your device as some apps don’t work with old versions of iOS.


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