3 Best Dating Game Apps

Any online game is a great tool for finding new friends, good acquaintances and just interesting interlocutors with whom it’s nice to spend an evening or two. But there are separate games for dating, designed specifically for people who want to find true love.

If a person doesn’t like one-dimensional dating sites, he refers to special games. There, a player creates his avatar – a virtual image of himself, gives him a new name and an interesting appearance. Then comes the stage of acquaintance with the game process. Unlike other projects, the player isn’t thrown into dangerous deserts, he doesn’t look for adventure, kill monsters or solve puzzles. He meets with real people at various virtual celebrations, parties, and meetings. There, players have small-talks, enjoy simple mini-games and subsequently exchange data to meet in real life.

Often, such online games for dating become real life simulators. The player finds himself in a virtual city with its own economy, work, and entertainment. He can build his own house or stay with friends. Fashionmongers try on designer things that in real life cost incredible money, and shy people get a chance to communicate with others with no hassle.

Games created exclusively for dating aren’t very numerous, but we have created a list of the best applications that allow people to be out in the open on the other side of the screen and find a true love.

  • Club Cooee

The Club Cooee is a kind of life simulator. Players go to various sites and communicate with random people, sharing their interests and thoughts. In fact, the game is a third-dimensional online chat, where instead of faceless names there are third-dimensional figures of people. Communication with people occurs in a relaxed atmosphere of various virtual rooms. One is a small island, the other is a trendy club with a disco ball and comfortable chairs. A player is able to share his own photos and information about himself with new friends, as if in a real social network.

A distinctive feature of the Club Cooee is private rooms for communication. Players who create them not only choose their own design from several available options but also entertain themselves in a special game, where they create music from pre-selected sounds. As a result, visitors of such a room can enjoy the authorial melody and have a nice chat.

  • IMVU

The IMVU is a nice social game with virtual parties and holidays, where random inhabitants of the network can get acquainted and talk of one thing and another. It’s interesting that in IMVU players can legitimize their virtual relationships and get engaged. In this case, a lot of friends and casual acquaintances are invited to the celebration. All of them dress prettily, and then have fun for several hours, talking in a general chat.

The highlight of such games is the creation and arrangement of one’s own love nest. The player has a house that he is free to decorate at his discretion. Subsequently, you can invite friends, thus arranging a real personal chat room, where there won’t be any strangers.

  • Love City 3D

Love City 3D is a real life simulator. It’s one of the few applications that offer entertainment exclusively for the adult audience. In addition to the usual virtual life with restaurants, bars and all kinds of holidays, a player can find a life partner, start working for a position he has always dreamed of and even visit a brothel consisting of real players. Constant holidays, in-game events, contests and parties allow you to live big and enjoy every second of the playing time.

In many ways, the application is similar to social networks. Players get acquainted, find love, date, celebrate each other’s birthdays and send photos from real life to a general chat. A multimillion audience is full of amazing stories about how people found each other in a simple game and continued to communicate in real life.

This is an ideal game to find a loved one. If you consider dating sites to be a faster way to meet a wonderful woman, then Ukrainian dating sites are the best option.


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