Best Affiliate Marketing Business Network Sites

Recent times, Affiliate marketing is on growth and many companies are using it as main business strategy to generate leads and convert these leads as customers. You want get into affiliate marketing and don’t know where start? Affiliate networking sites help you there. An affiliate network site acts as bridge between the merchants who creates the affiliate programs along with products for programs and Affiliates or publishers who sell or share their products to generate leads.

Affiliate network provides functions such as reporting activity, tracking, payment and refunding process, affiliate management and large database of affiliates to merchants. For affiliates, affiliate network provides services such as database of all available affiliate programs, tools for reporting and payment processing systems.

Affiliate marketers generally allowed registering into affiliate networks for free, but merchants are charged with initial setup fee along with membership fee. Generally, this membership fee would be some percentage of commissions paid to affiliates. There are various payouts methods followed by networks, such as Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), Cost-per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost-Per-Mile (CPM) which depends on aspects like sales, clicks, actions and other aspects. To get some detailed information on such affiliate marketing terms and to help you decide which type of method will work for your business, you can visit Journal Review blog, one of the best blog for online business.

Now as we can clearly see importance of affiliate network both merchants and affiliate, here are top affiliate networks that will help you if you want to enter into affiliate marketing or get affiliates for your products:

  • ShareASale: ShareASale has been in affiliate marketing business for over 18 years exclusively as affiliate network. They are known for their speed, efficiency and accuracy technology services like real-time tracking, stores connect etc., and they have high reputation for being honest and fair in their business. They provide with high paying CPS and CPA offers. For Indian partners and affiliates, they pay directly to their bank account. 
  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction): CJ Affiliate is a well known global affiliate marketing network that is known for its pay-for-performance programs. Their methods prove that best way to reach millions of online customers is through productive partnership between advertisers and affiliates. It is best for monetizing website traffic, for driving more sales, or finding more customers. 
  • Rakuten Marketing: Rakuten LinkShare can be considered as one of the oldest networking sites helping affiliates to earn through sharing links with their community. It allows multiple versions to rotate with only small code. By 2016, they claim that they facilitated over 100 million orders around the world. Functioning over 200 countries, Rakuten helps to affiliate easily through customized campaigning and payments are also very easy. 
  • Click bank: Click bank is biggest affiliate-marketing network site for products such as eBooks, software of different categories which are digital products. Click bank allows two types promotion, one is through affiliate marketing and other way is, allowing merchants to promote their product directly through click bank. This platform helps for services like credit card processing, accounting and payouts. It allows only Cost-per-Sale (CPS) mode of payout. 
  • Avangate: It is one of the easy to use and friendly affiliate networking site. Specialty of this site is that, one any one buys product from affiliate link, then that affiliate will receive an email notification immediately, unlike many other affiliate sites. Merchants can join this site by choosing a payment plan but before accepting your application, they perform some assessments to make sure only high quality members are part of network. 
  • Avantlink: Founded in 2006, Avantlink is unique affiliate network site where affiliates should have their own website to become a affiliate in this site. Every application will be approved manually and after acceptance, affiliate has to apply for different merchants available on the site for approval to partner with their brand. Avantlink makes payouts as Cost-per-Sale .Simply, Avantlink is networking site where website owners and bloggers can join with merchants for brand promotion in exchange of currency. 
  • RevenueWire: RevenueWire Affiliate networking site is combined platform for affiliate marketers and merchants of digital products. Affiliates receive commissions up to 99% as they provide high-demand digital products for sharing. This network mainly concentrates on digital products such as software, desktop downloads and subscriptions.

In the end, you can expand your potential profit by making your affiliate networks diverse to build in additional revenue. Before choosing a network, it is very important to carry over some good research on network to confirm its legitimacy, profit potential and types of products and services in the network. With more diverse products, you can you can increase revenue streams to make more money.


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