5 of the Best Apple Watch Apps

You can’t assume that all of the regular iOS products will be available on your Apple Smartwatch. The programs that have been designed for the watch are specifically programmed to work on the small screen. There are dozens – hundreds, actually – of apps for the Apple smartwatch platform. They include apps for news, weather, sports, casino online, social media, communication, entertainment and much more.

As each successive watch is released, new improvements and new apps are made available. Today Apple Watch apps are independent of their accompanying iPhone. Download the best of the Apple third-party watch apps and get the most out of your watch.


Apple didn’t embed a calculator on the Apple Watch. They assumed that people wouldn’t want to perform calculations using the small watch buttons. Calcbot correctly assessed that watch owners would want to have a calculator handy and they created a highly-functional calculator that can be used with relative ease. The Calcbot calculator is a free download. 

The Calcbot features an easy-to-read history tape, intuitive conversion, expression view and a history tape that enters every calculation that you make into the calculator’s memory. This means that you can refer to calculations later or send them back to your current calculation. In addition to being compatible with the Apple Watch you can download the device into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


Nest is a smart heating system that keeps your house as cozy as….a nest. The system adjusts according to your preferences so you can program Nest to lower the temperature in your house half an hour after you go to bed to save energy overnight and then raise the temperature in the morning a half hour before you wake up.

You can download the Nest app to your Apple smartphone and control your Nest Thermostat from your wrist. Regardless of whether you’re home or on your way you can turn the heat up or down, on or off and set your target temperature to reflect your needs. If you’re away the app will “read” your location and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Green Kitchen

You can eat healthy regardless of your location with the Green Kitchen app. You have quick and easy access to healthy, organic vegetarian recipes. Green Kitchen recipes focus on whole grains and seeds, good fats, unrefined sugars and no meat. 

You get handpicked recipes including main courses, healthy desserts and juices, information on how to convert recipe amounts from US to metric units, save options to save your favorite recipes, step by step cooking instructions, estimated cooking times and a timer device.


Regardless of whether you’re learning a language, translating a document or in the midst of foreign travels, you’ll be able to make yourself understood and understand others with the iTranslate app. iTranslate supports translations for reading, writing and apeaking in over 100 languages.

Speak into the iTranslate on your wrist – the app will recognize your voice and then convert your words to text for translation into another language. There’s one universal App for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with a Smartwatch extension for instant voice translation.

You can view and show translations in fullscreen, access your previous translations’ history and use iTranslate while texting or messaging, There’s also an option to copy and share translations. This app is probably one of the most useful apps around.


Studies say that a large percentage of society suffers from sleep problems. Problems falling asleep and staying asleep can be attributed to a number of causes – age, illness, sleep apnea, disturbances, etc. But regardless of the reason, when you don’t get enough sleep, it affects your physical, emotional and mental health.

Sleep++ is an app that gives you important information about the way that you sleep so that you can identify possible causes of sleeplessness.  The app, which is downloaded into your watch so that it sits on your skin, measures the duration and quality of your sleep. 

Sleep++ is designed to help you understand how well you are sleeping so you can make needed changes in your routines to benefit your rest.  

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The free app has an automatic sleep tracking feature that activates when the watch wearer goes to bed at night. It stops tracking in the morning, eliminating the need to start and stop sleep tracking every night. Manual options are still available for more sensitive tracking. There’s a bedtime reminder, summaries of previous nights’ sleep quality, and the ability to set a nightly sleep goal to reach.
There aren’t any built-in sleep tracking capabilities but third-party apps to this functionality.


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