Terrain mobility scooter: An Overview

Terrain mobility scooter is a type of scooter which is specially made for the physically handicapped person who has difficulty to move from one place to another.  This type of scooter has become very essential for the handicapped person and has really become a lifesaver for the people who can no longer walk. Apart from the handicapped person, the terrain mobility scooter is also very helpful for the aged person such as a grandfather or grandmother. Terrain mobility scooter can bring back the freedom to them and give them the independence to move from one place to another without any problem. With Terrain mobility scooter it will no longer be required to make a plan vacation for going to the nearest store or parks for the aged person – they can go wherever they like without anyone’s support. Terrain mobility scooter is also ideal for those persons who are capable to walk but has several problems with stamina and strength so can’t walk for long distance.

Features of Terrain mobility scooter

It is very essential to select the right mobility scooter and as such, it is necessary to know about all the features, functionality as well as the comfort factor of the mobility scooter so that you can make the right choice.

So, the following features of terrain mobility scooter will certainly help you to make a wise decision while purchasing a mobility scooter for yourself or any of your dear ones:

  • Wheels: Wheels are very important for any mobility scooter. You can find two types of mobility scooters: one with three wheels and the other with four wheels. Four wheels are heavier, safer and stable than the three wheels mobility scooter. It is always recommended to have a test drive before you purchase a mobility scooter.
  • Tires: Another most important feature of any mobility scooter tires. You can find tiers ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches in the market. Smaller inch tiers are not very suitable for the outdoors moving. Larger and wider tires are more suitable for rough terrain. That is the reason why you should choose the tire as per your requirements.
  • Drivetrain: In the market, you will mobility scooter with both front and rear wheel drive. Front wheel generally not preferred for outdoor traveling as they are usually lighter. The front wheel also does not give you much speed but with the rear wheel, you can achieve a speed of 5 miles/hour.
  • Seating: In most of the mobility scooter you will get comfortable seat covering, extra padding, powered height adjustment, swivel option having the capacity to move 360 degrees, etc. Some mobility scooter also comes with an armrest facility. You can check all these features at the time of buying.
  • Steering: Mobility scooter has steering which generally has a handlebar style and has a thumb control and levers. With the help of steering, the driver can manage the speed of the scooter and move the scooter in both forward and backward direction.
  • Batteries: Batteries are not included in every kind of mobility scooter. It is an additional option which is usually not included in the base price of the scooter. You have to pay the price of the battery in addition to the mobility scooter. The battery is kept in baskets that are attached with the mobility scooter.

Apart from all these features, you also have to look for some other additional features such as headlights, oxygen carriers, cane holder, taillights, options for canopies, storage compartment, horns, etc.

Reviews of mobility scooter

A mobility scooter has a can as a boon to the handicapped person and many people who could walk have now got the opportunity to see the world of outside on their own without taking anyone’s assistance or depending on others. Check out some of their reviews:

  • Rocky Johnson:Mobility scooter is no less than a boon to me. I was paralyzed and was not being able to walk and so I was confined to bed and hardly used to go outside. But with a mobility scooter, I can now go to the nearest place comfortably.
  • Jerry Anderson:After I had a knee operation it became very difficult for me to walk without any one’s support. But thanks to my daughter-in-law who bought a mobility scooter for me and now I can go anywhere I like.
  • David Thompson:Amazing product…..really gives a new world and hopes to live to the handicapped persons.


This it is seen that the mobility scooter plays a very important role in the life of any physically handicapped person. It not only gives them an ability to move here and there on their own but also act as a lifesaver in many situations. As a result, every handicapped person should be provided with the most necessary device that is mobility scooter which can give them independence and a hope to live happily with enjoying life by roaming beautiful places.



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