Best Apps For Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a dream come true but this role comes with so many added responsibilities. It is about choosing clients, proper management, hard work and at the end of the day, it’s about empowerment. There is nothing like being your own boss but managing things alone has its own pros and cons, but it’s not easy. You can rely on a few tools that aim to lend a helping hand. So these are the best high productive new apps for the entrepreneurs.

  1. GetResponse

Are you interested in increasing your inbound marketing initiatives? GetResponse is the best for you. It’s automated software that helps in easy creation of online sales funnel that have chances of conversion. You might want to create an email marketing campaign or a successful webinar, its easy using suite of software offered by this app. It’s always profitable to use emails as an effective marketing tool with an automated platform.

  1. Slack

There are other messaging tools but why not try a new one? Slack is now the top messaging software mainly designed for the self-employed individuals. You can use it as an internal communication tool within the team. This Slack is not just a simple messaging program but it has the capability to integrate itself with other business tools like Jira , Trello etc. With this, you can just drag and drop a file, all of your documents would be organized and easily searchable.

  1. Evernote

You read so many things about business but you forget, keep aide because you have so much to do in managing your business. Evernote is a note-taking cross-platform application that helps to remember crucial information. It can be saved in form of web page, in text form, in form of photograph or voice memo. Now jotting down notes seems hasslefree.

  1. Audible

It requires lot of ideas to be the boss and run the business so they need to read such stuff that would help generate ideas. Gaining knowledge is of utmost importance but employers hardly have time to devote for the purpose. There is nothing to worry because Audible is here. It helps you to listen to motivational books on the go, maybe while you are travelling or busy doing something else.

  1. WorkFlowMax

Project management is of utmost importance and it’s a stressful task to manage projects.  WorkFlowMax is very simple, performing project management. This platform is unique having an easy tracking method and a cloud-based interface. This application helps to track hours spent on projects and also organizes the invoicing process.

  1. Humin

Making successful connections can take your business to great heights and all entrepreneurs are serious about this. It’s so difficult to track whom to meet, whom you met, where to meet on a daily basis and scheduling meetings. For all these, there is Humin, an app that remembers all the information you have put into it. So, now you don’t employers don’t have to remember or write down every detail in a diary. This app also combines your contacts, voice mailbox and dialing to find out your important contacts.

  1. LastPass

Passwords, passwords and too many passwords! An entrepreneur has so many things in mind, therefore, it might get difficult to remember passwords and that too not one but many. There is a freeware version of the LastPass password manager available for Mac and PCs. You can invest a bit more and upgrade to premium version.

  1. CamCard

Entrepreneurs usually need to attend different seminars and conferences for the entire year. It’s a usual practice to exchange business cards but business cards can go missing anytime. CamCard captures a picture of your business card and all details of it are loaded automatically in your phone contacts and emails. The scanning is absolutely flawless and it can also sync data across different devices. This app is free for iPhone.


Apart from the ones mentioned, there are few other applications as well, you can also opt for an efficient self-employment calculator service like Tax Act so that managing taxes is easier for you. Now that you have a collection of a handful of apps used for different purpose in your business, it would be easier for you to manage your business. The key to successful entrepreneurship is to make the most of every opportunity that comes to you. It is time to make the most of technology.


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