Is It Illegal To Access The Deep Web

Is It Illegal To Access The Deep Web?

You might have heard about the Deep web often if you are regularly surfing the internet. Deep Web is that part of the internet that is unindexed by the standard search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. You need special user friendly search engines to bet access to the sites in the Deep Web.

Iphone Onion Tor Browser – Powered Secured & Anonymous Browsing

Deep Web, not to be confused with the Dark Web is a benign place for the complex databases. Whereas the dark web consists of the tor links that mostly deals with the illegal stuffs such as drugs, armoury or human trafficking. These darknet markets links are untraced and you will need dedicated search engines to get access to these sites without your IP getting traced.

People are skeptical about the legality of use of the Deep Web. I have seen a lot of questions on the sites such as Quora regarding the usability of the Deep Web or if it is legitimate to use? Let’s get a better understanding to this!!

Deep Web- Legal or Illegal?

The question to this answer varies. Accessing the Deep Web is not illegal in all the countries. Although, some countries still try to put restrictions on its usage. The rules and cyber laws for the usage of Deep Web certainly varies in different countries.

For instance, to use the deep web for accessing journals, archives, Dropbox photos or any season on Netflix is surely legal in any country, but that would require the special browsers too. But, beware while using the Deep web as you may unintentionally jump into an illegal content. Also, browsing the illegal sites is not a crime until you purchase some stuff or browse it few more times.

How To Access The Deep Web?

Accessing the sites on the Deep web is not a hard task to do. You can do that by installing the Tor web browser. After installation, just type in the URL and you will be redirected.

The Tor browser or the Onion router is mostly used by the military or navy , police, journalists or whistleblowers to get access to the sites that are banned by their governments. If you want to maintain your privacy online, it is the perfect browser for that.

Tor conceals the user’s IP and keeps all the information of user encrypted. Thus, it hides your IP by routing your traffic through different IPs and as a result your net connection becomes quite slow while surfing these sites.  This doesn’t mean that you can get away by surfing and purchasing the illegal drugs or weapons on the internet. All the activities on the Tor browser are mapped by the NSA and FBI.

Also, the hackers can keep a watch over the other Tor users and get their private information leaked within seconds. It is always advised to stay cautious while exploring these sites.

Bonus: Visit to get 1000+ links of hidden services on the Tor network.

Final Words

While surfing these stuffs on the internet for your knowledge is not always a bad thing and it is legal to get access to these content. Be smart while using the internet and keep three things in your mind:

  • Don’t be stupid or careless
  • Don’t make wrong friends
  • Don’t make enemies


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