How to use the top features of Spectrum digital home phone service?

How to use the top features of Spectrum digital home phone service
How to use the top features of Spectrum digital home phone service

No matter how much we move forward regarding technology, mobile phones can never take the place of traditional home phones. Whether you believe it or not home phones are reliable and highly preferred than cell phone services. Of course, just like other digital utilities home phone service have upgraded quite a bit in the past few years. One of the best current phone service providers in the country is Charter Spectrum that is providing its users with more than 20 calling features without any extra cost. The Provider came forward in the mid of 2016 when Charter telecommunications bought two renowned cable suppliers and merged them into one.  Spectrum is ever since offering the best digital phone service to a significant number of households and businesses.  Following are some unique phone features that Charter Spectrum voice service is offering without any cost.

1.    Readable Voicemail:

If you are an individual who spends much of the time making calls or someone who is running a business that depends highly on the phone, you know how time consuming it is to listen to all the voice mail. Readable Voicemail is somewhat a new feature that is launched by Charter cable which enables the users to interrupt the voicemail in transcript messages instead of listening to it. The Voicemails messages can also be received through email service.

2.    Caller ID:

We all must have the working knowledge as to who is calling us especially if it is an anonymous call. Unknown Calls are malicious and non-secured. Various Phone companies are providing advanced caller ID features like calling alert, online call management, and call blocking for unknown numbers. Spectrum is, in fact, providing advanced caller ID feature which enables users to access the caller ID on their TV screen. The users are however required to subscribe to the Spectrum Cable TV service for availing the caller id feature on the TV screen.

3.    Blocking the of Anonymous calling:

This feature of Spectrum Voice can block calls for unknown numbers that have chosen to hide their caller id. Once the call is dropped, the person on the other line will receive the message which says that your number is programmed for rejection. The user can, however, unblock the unknown number as per wish.

4.    Repeat Dialing:

With this feature, the home phone will automatically redial the busy number until it gets through. Users will receive a notification once the call is successfully patched with the other line. In the meantime you can also dial someone else’s number; once the other number gets free, you can disconnect the present call. When the other party gets available, your home phone will ring seven times and then ring again in another ten minutes. If you do not pick, repeat dialing will automatically cancel, and you will be required to place the call again.

5.    Speed Dial:

Through the speed dial feature, the user can set up a one digit dialing for the numbers that are frequently called. Speed dialing makes it super convenient for the users to call the frequently dialed number without actually dialing the number.  For programming speed dialing on your Spectrum home phone press *74# and enter the ten digit number of the user. You will be notified through a confirmation tone.

To use the speed dialing dial press the selective digit (from 1 to 9) along with the sign of #. The system will dial the number in correspondence to the pre-programmed digit.

6.    Voice Calls manager:

Now with spectrum’s voice call manager, you can keep track of your digital home phone even if you are not at home. All you are required is to sign up for and manage the voicemail features online completely free of cost. Following is the information that online voice manager can show:

I.    Calls:

It can reveal the details of our call activity and can be filtered by outgoing and missing or incoming calls.

II.    Summary

You can glance through your voicemail, call settings, and call history any time of the day

III.    Settings:

You are also allowed to set up voicemail settings and manage preferences for caller waiting, simultaneous ringing, call handling, and speed dialing, etc.

IV.    Voicemail:

It will list the voicemail that you have received. It also allows the user to delete, reply to, forward, or download some pre-selected messages.

7.    3-way calling:

Through 3-way calling, you can add another person to your phone conversation. The good thing is that Spectrum won’t charge you extra for this service and it is included in your Spectrum Voice service. For using the three-way calling feature, put the ongoing call on hold via pressing the flash button or otherwise pressing the switch-hook on the phone. Once you hear a recall dialing tone, dial the number of the second person, switch-hook or press the flash button again, and all three parties will connect again.


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