How To Make Money As A 12, 13, or 14 Year Old

How to Make Money for Kids

100 ways for kids to make money
how to make money as a 11, 12,13 or 14 year old kid online

As kids, have you ever wondered ‘How to make money as a 13-year-old’? Or ‘How to make money as a 12-year-old?’ Because I think we can all unanimously agree on this- money is important. It may not be the most important thing in the world, but we can’t deny that it is one of our top priorities, regardless of our age. Learning the skill of money management is crucial, no matter how old you are, then. As adults, sure we need the mantra to run our daily expenses, but even as kids for times when you want to save up to buy your parents a nice birthday present, to when you want to hang out with your friends in a nearby cafe, or even to feel a little responsible! While you think there may not be many ways for a 13-year-old to make money, let us change that for. If you’re wondering how to make money as a 14-year-old, or even 12 or 13 for that matter, here are a few tricks and tips to ease out your concerns!

How to Make Money as a 15, 14, 13 or 12  Year Old Online

    • Video Blog
      A trend has been set now a days amongst people of creating video blogs or YouTube channels. And the main reason of the same is money! Similarly One of the best way for kids to make money is by creating a video blog. few kids are already making money from video Blogs by a you-tube monetization method. There are several ideas for video blogs like Vlogging (Video blog – How to Guide), Art & Craft Tutorials, Unboxing & review about Toy, Challenge Show, Tutorials, Comedy Channels, gaming , Music & Singing, Demolition channel -People love to watch stuff being destroyed etc. All you have to do is figure out some lovely idea for video blog & shoot it with camera & upload on youtube. Share on Social media, invite your relatives & friends to watch & subscribe your channel. Then go for youtube monetization & start making money !! kids can even start a tutorial series like one given below

  • Social Marketing Project
    Kids can also earn through social marketing projects like someone would like to get likes on his fb page or video views or more comments on the posts. For such projects all you have to do is join some social online group and you will find there people providing these services and you have to act like a mediator. Ask them to do simple marketing stuff at lower rate !!
  • Playing Online Games
    If you are game lovers, then use your gaming abilities to make money. Paid games simply means that while you are playing , you will make money. Money for playing! Exciting? Isn’t it? There are many companies who are paying for surveying thier games or you can say they pay gamers for testing their new games, etc. You can make money by simply playing games on site’s like –
  • InboxDollars.
  • Swagbucks.
  • Bingo! Zone.
  • LalaLoot.
  • Gamesville.
  • Paid Game Player.
  • Second life.
  • Clip 2Play etc
  • Making Videos & Pictures Editing
    With Growing Prominence of Whatsapp, People sharing everything on whatsapp, sharing starts from good morning pics to good night videos. Either its wedding invitation or kitty party, people will love to be invited by a Movie or Lovely pictures. So one possible business you can start is to offer picture editing or Movie making services. And for doing this you don’t need some special skills, there are thousand of apps available on Apple Itunes store & Android  Play Store for this.
  • Selling Photos
    If Photography is your passion then congratulations! You have already crossed the 1st step to make money. Collect your all pics,  get in on your PC & get ready to sell online. Site’s like 500px Prime , SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock , iStockphoto,  Etsy etc will pay money for these pics.
  • Taking Surveys
    There are several survey websites out there that offer paid surveys to people of all ages specially kids. Its a good opportunity for kids to earn and to learn how to save their earnings. Sites like Swagbucks,  Toluna,  Vivatic,  MySurvey,  Panel Opinion,  Ipsos i-Say,  Survey Bods etc will pay for surveys & surveys are generally regarding FMCG products, Cartoon, games, toys, etc
  • Make a PPT for someone
    If you’re well versed with Microsoft Powerpoint, or Keynote in case of iOS, charge for your skills. Offer to make an attractive presentation for your elder friends, relatives or neighbours, and ask for a small fee in return. This way you keep your skills updated while earning a small amount too.
ways for kids to make money
                                                                   how to make money when your 11

Ways for Kids to Make Money

  • Do extra chores for household (pocket money from parents)
    Trust me, your parents are in constant need of help around the house with numerous chores. You can offer to take some load off their backs by helping them wish the dishes, or the laundry, or simply cleaning out your room! Ask for a nominal fee to be paid, and your parents will be happy to dole it out. Consider doing this for your relatives if they live close by, and if you’re comfortable with it for some extra money.
  • Sell handmade crafts
    For the creative artists among the lot, you have an added advantage! Put your innovative skills to good use by making attractive and useful things like scarves, hats, crochet, earrings, or anything you think you’ll be good at! Sell these things to friends, neighbours, and relatives at decent prices to earn quick bucks. Who knows, they might even recommend others to buy from you if your work is truly impressive!
  • Babysitting
    Another easy solution to your endless ‘How to make money at 14’ queries is to take up babysitting as a job! Offer to look after your neighbour’s kid/kids when they’re out. Babysitting usually pays good money, but make sure you look after the kids well. If your neighbours are going out for a longer trip, it’s an excellent opportunity to make money to last you almost three months or even more!
  • Video Game Renta
    Rent out all your video games to friends for some Fee, Its really simplest way to make money. This way you can also buy new & expensive games & rent it out too.
  • Book Repairs
    Elementary Library’s have tons of book’s that get torn or need repairing. Even kids also have books that get torn and colored on.These books need some repair,Library staff’s & busy moms don’t usually have time to do it. Offer to clean and fix their books & make Money.

Ways How to Kids Make Money as a 14-16 year Old

  • Recycle
    Recycle old and used cans, bottles, devices, and other household scraps by taking them to your nearest recycling agency. Look for local recyclers online, and inquire about their rates per kg of scrap. Select the best paying one, and sell your stuff! Not only will you earn some small bucks, but also contribute your share towards protecting the environment! Start looking for things you can get recycled, and get going.

  • Backyard / Garage Sale
    Ditch the incessant Google searches for “How to make 100 dollars fast for 12-year-olds”, because we have the perfect solution for that, whether you’re 12, 13, or 14 years old. Put up a backyard or garage sale where you put up all your unwanted stuff (but in decent condition) for sale! Invite friends and family over to your place. This is a quick way to make money, but remember not to overprice your stuff. It’s used stuff, and people will not be willing to pay big bucks for that. Go easy with the prices. This way, not only will you make money quickly, but also clear up space in your house!
  • House Sitting
    An easy alternative to babysitting is house sitting for neighbours when they’re out of town. This might fetch you big money too if the number of days you need to keep watch on the house for is more, which it most likely will be. Just make sure you’re careful about the things you use when in the house, and you’ll be good. Also, be sure of your safety, considering you’ll essentially be living alone in the house. You’re good to go!
  • Dog / Pet Sitting
    Much in similarity to babysitting, dog or pet sitting is an equally demanding and rewarding task as babysitting, if not more. Pick this up only if you’re good with animals, or like to be around them. Your tasks may also involve taking the dog out for walks, feeding, cleaning, and more. If you love animals, there’s no better match for you than looking after dogs or other pets when their parents are away! You will also make good money this way. No more pestering elders with questions like “how to make money as a 13-year-old”!
  • Sell unwanted video games to store
    If you’re someone who is big about video games, I’m sure you have a huge collection of them, some of which you don’t even play with! Here’s the perfect way to get rid of them for good, while also securing your financial stance a little. Take the unwanted collection of games to your nearest video game store, and offer to sell your stuff. Ask for a reasonable price, and get yourself a deal!
  • Pet care services (walk the dogs)
    One more fun job for those animal lovers out there! You can very well offer to walk the neighbour’s dogs every day for a nice amount of cash. Your only task will be to take your furry friends out for walks, and cleaning their waste once they’re done. Besides dog walking, you can also offer to bathe and groom other pets if you’re good with animals. This way you also get to be around pets as much and as long you’d like!

  • Teach computer
    Assuming you’re good and know your way around computers, you can also offer to teach your elder relatives for some fees. Spend time with your grandparents, or even your parents if they’re not well equipped with computer skills, and show them how to handle things. They will likely be glad to pay you for it if you ask. Use your tech skills to introduce them to the magic of the digital world!
  • Clean the neighbour’s yard
    Helping your neighbour clean their lawns or yards is also a quick way of making money at your age. I don’t mean mowing lawns, considering you need to handle an electric lawn mower for that, I suggest you stay away. What I do say is you can rake leaves, pull out the overgrowth of weeds for your neighbours at a reasonable fee.
  • Wash cars / bikes
    A fun way of making money at a young age is to offer to wash cars or bikes for your neighbours, or even your family in return for a small fee. Vehicles are in need of daily washing, though people do not always have the time for it. Help them out by cleaning their cars and bikes while making decent money for yourself.
  • Creative Nail art
    If you’re terribly amazing at creating jaw-dropping nail art, it’s time to put that skill to some good use! All your need is a collection of nail paints, some decorative stuff, and a set of nails, obviously. Ask your friends, family or neighbours if they need to get their nails painted. Show them your work by working on a set of artificial nails and offer to do something similar with theirs. Many women like interesting nail art, which can fetch you decent pocket money!
  • Sell homemade chocolates
    The one thing that everybody seems to love is chocolate! No arguments there. And if you can get your hands on some premium quality chocolate and tweak with nuts, or add your flavour to it, consider putting these customised chocolates up for sale! People are more than willing to try out different types and flavours of chocolates which will earn you some quick money too. Go small first, take a batch of fresh chocolates to school, share them amongst friends, and if they like it, they can order their batches. Word of mouth publicity is also likely, so there’s no downside to this.
  • Bake and sell cakes, cupcakes etc
    Like chocolates, cakes and muffins also tend to sell out fast! More benefit to you. Along with your line of chocolates, you can invite orders for birthday or anniversary cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and more if you’re a dab hand at baking. It is a most useful skill and can fetch you big money if your culinary skills are exceptional.
  • Grow and sell veggies (if you have a farm or access to one)
    If you own a farm or even have proper access to one, try growing your fresh batch of vegetables and selling them to your neighbours or relatives. People tend to trust homegrown vegetables a lot more than they do outdoors. Which gives more power to you. Earn a small amount with this, while you learn some cool gardening skills too.
  • Sell newspapers
    Another no-brainer here. Throw newspapers every morning in your neighbourhood, and other neighbourhoods if your parents and time permit. This is a definite way that guarantees a fixed amount of money almost every month.

Still wondering ‘How can a 14-year old make money’? We hope not. We sincerely hope this article has straightened things out for you now. Let us know which points help you the most!

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