Secret Tools Apple Uses to Repair their iPhones

Well, almost all of us know the durability and the efficiency of iPhones. They are durable, reliable and can survive nearly any durability test. But, in some cases, there might be times when your iPhone will come across one issue or another,

Hence, for this, if you are having an iPhone either you can go to Apple Service Center. Or else, you can choose iPhone repair Singapore which can repair your iPhone at a much minimal cost.

As of now, let’s go ahead and know the secret tools which Apple uses to repair their iPhone.

Universal Display Removal Fixture

Rather than using the traditional suction cup for opening the display screen, Apple is now using the Universal Display Removal Fixture. With this tool, Apple is finding it a lot easier to open the screens of the iPhones.
Here, they insert the iPhone, pull the suction cups down, and that’s it. The Display comes out at a much flawless rate.

Battery Removal

Here, if you want to save some hefty bucks from your pockets, you can go for the iPhone repair Singapore. But, in case you want to know Apple’s way of Battery removal, it’s also a bit more interesting. Here, the battery is taken out by tearing the adhesive strip with scissors. Afterward, a black color stick is used to life the battery.
However, pulling the battery from the top can damage it permanently and can cause issues to your iPhone. Once, the battery is removed, simple adhesive strips are then applied for keeping the iPhone battery back in place.

Speaker Replacement

Speaker Replacements are much more comfortable than it may seem. Here, apple unscrews the broken speaker component pops in the new one and puts it back into its place.

SIM Ejector Tool

You probably must have lost your sim ejector tool more too often. However, for fixing that slot, Apple does it in a much simple way. It uses just a pair of tweezers for this case and gets the job done.

iPhone Battery Fixture

For making sure that a perfect pressure is applied to the adhesive and battery, Apple has created the iPhone Battery Fixture. Here, your iPhone is lined up for the process of pressure rolling up. After pressing the red liver down, the roller lands on the battery, and the adhesive helps in keeping it in firm place.

Now, a slider comes and pushes the tray couple of times to apply a firm roller pressure to the battery. With this, a new adhesive strip holds the battery in a much company way.

Wrapping Things Up

As you know, if you own an iPhone, of course, there is a bit class in it. But, regarding its repairing, it may cost you several bucks, at a much relentless pace. Hence, it is better to go for iPhone repair Singapore where you can also get your iPhone fixed.

And, after reading the article, I hope you must have known a series of tools Apple uses to repair their iPhone. So, go ahead, and if you can make one of those, it will surely be a blessing in disguise for you, for sur


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