Top 10 Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps For iPhone

Top 10 Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps For iPhone

Cartoons, no matter where they were featured (comics, shows, etc.) had been a crucial part
of our childhood. Reminiscent of those older, carefree days, cartoons merit all the affection
they get. Now, with a plethora of applications at our fingertips, quite literally, it has become
simpler than ever to recreate the magic by turning pictures into cartoons! For the love of
cartoons, we have put together a list of best cartoon apps (i.e., apps that make you look like
a cartoon or turning pictures into cartoons apps) for iOS!

Top 10 Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps For iPhone

List of Best Cartoon Yourself Apps

1. Cartoon Face Animation Creator
Indubitably one of the best cartoon edit apps for iPhone, Cartoon Face Animation Creator
swears to leave your friends speechless with its striking artistic skills. Create an impressive
cartoonized caricature from any photo! It takes only seconds to make a hilarious fun face
morph, the post which you can share an animated video which is guaranteed to get you tons of
likes on your profile. Covering happy, sad, shocked and flirty, this cartoon photo app carries
a diverse range of emotions!
Featuring a remarkably user-friendly interface, the app is a no-miss for anyone!

2. Cartoon Yourself
Another remarkable cartoonizer app for Android as well as iOS, Cartoon Yourself requires
no internet connections! You can transform your photos into 12 various cartoon drawings
while giving them a professional, life-like touch. The app also lets you add stickers to your
cartoonized photos before and after brushing them with radiant effects.
You can also add text before or after turning your pictures into cartoons.
Highlight- Add the text before cartoonizing your photos if you want to turn the text into a
cartoon too!

3. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker
Adding a worth download app to the list, Clip2Comic is one of the most downloaded
cartoon photo apps for iOS. Besides being an app that makes pictures look like cartoons,
this app also lets you turn your videos into high-res cartoons, caricatures and sketches! The
app also features the stunning cartoon camera with live preview, which is offered for free.
The free features of the app include exporting your cartoon sketches and videos to up to
1080p! It also lets you retouch, reshape or bloat parts of your picture, along with new artsy
effects to set the mood right. You absolutely cannot miss out on the action in this app!

4. Sketch Me
Acting as a brilliant addition to your artistic tools, Sketch Me is an iOS app that turns photos
into cartoons as easily as waving your hands! The user-friendly interface lets your fingers
freely readjust the position of your pictures while letting you pinch to zoom in and out. The
Sketch Me cartoon face app also supports a split screen mode for when you have to
multitask! Features 7 different effects, the app lets you adjust the sketch parameters to suit
your fancy.
Share your hilarious sketches with friends via Facebook and email now!

5. MomentCam Cartoons & Sketches
Inarguably deserving the spotlight, the MomentCam cartoon editing app is as good as it
gets! Winner of the Facebook App Of The Year 2015, MomentCam vests in you the skill to
showcase your emotions by turning your photos into the funniest cartoons out there. You
can also add numerous features like beards, hats, glasses etc. Allowing you the freedom of
creating customized emoticons, this photo to cartoon app will instantly become your phone’s
best friend!

6. Cartoon Camera Free
A simple, yet striking cartoon editor app, Cartoon Camera Free helps to garnish your photos
with outstanding cartoon effects which will give your photographer friends a beat! Providing
an option to select from cartoon and pencil sketch effects, the app lets you save and share
the hilarious images with your friends everywhere! The simplicity of the app will truly
captivate you.

7. Painnt – Art & Cartoon Filters (Free / Paid)
A treat for patrons of digital art, Painnt is the cartoon face app your iPhone / iPad needs.
Sporting a vast array of 2000+ filters that include classical art (think Van Gogh!), this app
puts all others to shame. Generating realistic paintings and mind-boggling cartoons, Painnt
provides all cartoon edit tools under the face of one single app. Besides sharing your
customised cartoons, you can also add or hide watermarks, use personalised styles, and
create high-res images for free!

8. Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit (Free)
Another tantalising app that turns photos into cartoons, Photo To Cartoon is also a
minimalistic, hassle-free cartoon pictures app that lets you convert your photos into the
funniest cartoons while enabling brightness, contrast and sharpness adjustments. Unlike
other low-end apps, this app ensures that your images are not subject to shrinking. This
promises high-quality cartoons for you to share with the world!

9. Cartoon Photo Editor Effects (Free / Paid)
A great, handy cartoon editing tool, this cartoon app for Iphone carries an ocean of effects
and adjustments for your photos. Cartoon Photo Editor Effects enables the creation of neat,
clean cartoons that look like they’ve been pulled straight out of a comic book! The highlight
of the app is that you can change the colours to blend with the photo.
You can also eliminate the pop-up ads, and avail an addition of 146 effects by purchasing
these features.

10. Photolamus Caricatures (Free / Paid)
Lastly, Photolamus Caricatures is a photo to cartoon app that will let you work with
professional artists from around the globe! The results are more or less similar to the images
from the other apps, though with an added professional touch. The caricatures are 100%
hand drawn, without the use of templates, while the quality is an astounding 4000*4000 px at
300 dpi. The drawings can also be ordered to be printed on canvas, which makes for an
amazing work of art. The super quick delivery of a mere 3 days ensures you are beyond

So there you go! We’ve laid down a carefully drafted list of the best cartoon editing apps for
iOS that your phone/tablet will undoubtedly thank you for. No longer will you be subject to
boredom, ever (you can thank us later)! These cartoon apps will see to it personally.
Now, what are you waiting for? Let the editing fun commence.

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