How to turn off find my iPhone online


Do you know how to turn off find my iPhone feature?  Well, being an Apple user, if you are still confused the exact which needs to be followed to do the same then there is no reason to be worried as we are here for you to elaborate detailed step to make this change.  Be patient. Just read the entire article and the entire process will be crystal clear to you.

It’s time to know about the feature ‘Find my iPhone’ in details. Being a dedicated feature of the devices manufactured by the Apple i.e. devices like iPhone, iPad & MacBook, Just the way you use Force Quit Mac application when your apps hang on your Macbook this features helps the user to find his lost device by tracking that online. For this reason, while handing over the device permanently to someone else removing the device from tracking service is necessary. Apart from this, it is recommended to turn off find my iPhone feature while sending the handset in the Apple service centre for repair. Instead of turning of the Find my iPhone feature, you will not be able to reset the handset to the factory settings. The entire process is very easy as well as simple too. Following few simple steps will make you enable to turn off find my iPhone feature without any inconvenience. Here, we are going to elaborate the entire process by which you will be able to turn off find my iPhone. Though the process is different for each of the devices, we are going to describe the same separately in the following:

  • Turn off find my iPhone feature in iPhone: Being directly linked with the Apple ID and password, both the credentials will be required to turn the feature off. Being pretty straight forward process, the steps are as follows:
    • As the first, open the setting menu in your iPhone.
    • You have to click on the iCloud option to get into it.
    • Choose the desired feature which you want to change i.e. ‘Find my iPhone’. At this time, you will see that the feature is in active state. So your job will be converted it to the opposite state.
    • To do the same, just alter the feature from the on position to the off.
    • Now, you will be asked to enter the correct credential which belongs to the Apple account where you have already logged in. Enter the correct Apple ID as well as the password.
    • Now click on the turn off option to turn off find my iPhone feature in the particular iOS device.
    • As the next step, if you want to reset the device to factory, following a simple pathway is needed. Click on the settings option to access the same as the initial step.
    • Now click on the General option to explore the common settings of the phone.
    • At this time, after scrolling you will find an options labelled as ‘Reset and Erase All Content and Settings’. Click on the that option. This will erase all the documents present on that particular device and restore it to the factory condition.
  • Turn off find my iPhone feature in iPad: Being powered by the iOS, the procedure to alter the setting related to Find my iPhone feature is pretty similar. If you have already understood the entire process in the previous paragraph, this will surely be a cup of cake for you.
  • Turn off find my iPhone feature for MacBook: Though you have already completely aware about the process related to that particular feature off, you may think that the same process will be fruitful for MacBook as it is also powered by iOS. But in this case, the conception is completely wrong. Altering the feature in MacBook is little bit different but as easy as the previous one. So, you should not be worried about this. Just follow the steps which are mentioned below:
    • As the first step, you have to explore the system preference option in your MacBook. To do the same, you may choose Apple Menu which is present in the top bar and then select the desired option i.e. system preferences. In the other hand, accessing the option from dock will also work out in this case.
    • Now, your task will be clicking on the iCloud option to get into that one. Though this options is usually present on the third row located at a distant position, you may observe a small variation in different versions of iOS i.e. Mac OSX, Mac OS etc.
    • Upon reaching to the bottom line of the displayed list, you will get a chance to visualize the most awaited option Find my Mac. In most of the cases, you will find a blue tick sign just beside the label of the option. Here the presence of blue tick option means that the feature is in active state.
    • To turn off find my iPhone feature, you have to just click on that option. Then you will visualize that the blue tick gets vanished. Now, it’s all done. You successfully turn off find my iPhone feature in your device.
  • What to do when you haven’t the Apple ID & password : Being coupled with the Apple ID & password, it’s the most necessary information which is needed to perform all the steps. In spite of this, one cannot proceed to alter the preference for that particular feature. That’s why it’s recommended to collect the Apple ID and password from the owner while purchasing a second hand iPhone or any other device based on iOS.

After reading the entire tutorial, I think you are pretty satisfied and you have comprehended all the above-mentioned steps. As of now, probably you have not any doubt regarding how to turn off find my iPhone. Now it’s time to perform all the steps practically. While altering the preference for that particular option, if you find it difficult, you may leave a comment in the comment box without any hesitation.



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