Why is it important to have backups?

We have all lost our crucial data, haven’t we? This must have happened at all? We often ended up accidentally deleting files, or we lose them because of virus attack. A failed hard disk can be a huge loss for all of us. Few common reasons for losing data are virus attack, the machine breaks down, software upgrades, power outrage, and accidental deletion.

Once we lost our data, it comes very difficult for us to recover them. It is therefore important to have backups of all our important data.

What is a backup?

Backup simply means creating duplicate copies of your files in a different device. This process ensures that even if you lose data from one source, you have another source from where it can be recovered. You can use your backup data for restoring the original data.

Backup is of two different types:

  1. Full Backup: It refers to a complete backup of your computer which includes data, software and operating system.
  2. Incremental Backup: It refers to the backup that takes copies of the data that has changed since the last backup.

You can manually create a backup of your important files or can ask the software to do it for you.

Does backup always work?

Sometimes, disastrous things can happen. And you can even lose the backup of your backup file, sounds horrendous? But fret not. You can always use good recovery software to recover these lost data. A good free data recovery software can help you in recovering all your data at free of cost. You can use this software to recover data that you have lost due to a variety of reasons. You can also use this software to recover deleted emails.

All the Mac data recovery software follows three basic steps to recover lost data. They are launch, scanning of the device and recovering the lost data. Few of them give you the option of previewing the data before recovering it.

Should you consider cloud storage?

If you use more than one computer to do your task, then, cloud storage is a must because it syncs data across all PCs. Always try to have an online backup because it is much safer than the other option that you have. Your computer and mobile can easily access the online backup. There are many free services for having online backups and popular among them are Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneBox. When you work on with your Gmail account signed, most of the data are automatically stored on Drive. But still, there are few files that you need to update in these platforms manually.

Wrap Up

Ignoring to do carry on a backup procedure is a huge mistake. And sometimes, even the backup disappoints us because of some unavoidable circumstances. Go for online backup whenever you can. And even after all these, if you have lost your data, you can always use good software to recover your lost data from your device.



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