Top 5 Quality Manga Readers Apps for IPhone/IPad

Manga is known to be a dominant part of the Japanese culture and has made us feel its presence since decades. Today people throughout the world are reading manga as like the watch anime series. If you own an iPhone and you are a manga fan then you must be having many of them based on your uses. Tons of these kinds of manga apps available these days, from readers to communities and forums where you can discuss everything.

Here we are going to discuss some of the best manga apps for iPhone or iPad available in the market:

Best Manga iOS Apps for iPhone or iPad

  1. ZingBox Manga

ZingBox is also known to be a free manga app. Although the app is a simple one it does boast about its large library along with the provisions it provides to the users for downloading manga and reading them while they are offline.

Being a simple manga reader app, it is a perfect option for the beginners along with the ones who have a minimum experience of the manga. Overall, the app is pretty decent one


  1. Manga Reader

Manga reader is acclaimed to be the ultimate Manga app for iPhone and iPad users. Manga Reader is known to be one of the very few apps of manga and the manga lovers should try it out. In a single app, it brings together more than 30 sources of the manga. It also comes with the feature of cloud syncing, three models of reading, different search options and much more. The material design of the app makes usage and navigation much easier. The manga updates are available every 2 hours. It does not have download limits.


  1. Manga Storm

Manga Storm is a simple manga reader app that lets you follow and read manga from your favorite site. It facilitates the ability to add manga by entering their URLs, automatically check manga for new chapters. You can read your manga anytime after you download it to your iPhone, sync you’re your manga list and reading progress across all devices, and you can listen to music while reading without being interrupted by game and video ads.

Special features of Manga Storm:

  • Automatically check your manga for new content.
  • Backup your list to email
  • Organize your list with “Reading” and “Following system
  • Free with in-app purchase.


  1. Manga Rock

Manga Rock is a simple but effective manga reader app that is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It is the go-to app.  With manga Rock, you can read thousands of mangas in multiple languages such as French, English, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, etc. New version 4.2.5 supports iPhone X.

Give feedback option is available with this manga reader to send your suggestions. It offers iMessage  App for your device.  Manga Rock supports iOS 9.0 and later versions. Download your favorite mangas on your iPhone /iPad and read.


  1. Manga Bird

Manga Bird is also an excellent manga reader app for iOS. It has a clean navigable and easy-to-use for iOS. It claims to have the biggest library. It supports 8 languages, more than 20 manga websites, and over 100,000 mangas. Like the other mentioned manga readers, Manga Bird also features with several different reading modes, 2 reading directions, bookmarking, image crop, various manga searching methods, “Restore data from iCloud” option etc. The app size is 20.1mb and it requires iOS 8.0 or later to install.



Manga lovers know how tiresome and irritating life gets while gets while reading manga on web-browser. Many of the manga reader apps can have a basic free version but the plans can be upgraded to premium ones by paying a few bucks where the user can enjoy much more of manga than the free versions.


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