How a Video becomes Viral among Teens?

A viral video is anything but an animation clip or a film that has rapidly gained popularity over the internet through online sharing on different social media applications and web portals. A video becomes viral only when it has received millions of views as they are shared on different social media sites and are also being reposted to different blogs, sent in an email of different individuals and so on. There are also categories in the type of viral videos that usually take up the internet by storm or craze. Now let’s get on to know what type of broad categories of viral videos is there:

How a Video becomes Viral among Teens
How a Video becomes Viral among Teens

Unintentional Viral Videos: Such types of videos are not created with an intention to make them viral. But these videos become viral because of the unique content that may attract the viewers and it makes them to be seen on repeated mode and spread across the social media platforms. These videos are generally posted by the creator and later spread on by the relatives and friends of the creator to make it popular and viral.

Promotional Viral Videos: Videos that are specifically created with and intention to promote or raise awareness about a particular issue or subject, often becomes viral intentionally or unintentionally. These promotional viral videos fall under the category of viral marketing and promotional activities.

Funny Or Humorous videos:  A funny video is created with a strong intention to entertain people and make them laugh. If a video is funny &humorous enough with strong comedy, it is bound to go viral and popular on the internet. The reason being, people always prefer funny videos that helps to reduce the stress and tension in life.

The rise and advent of internet and technology has made social media and its presence to outgrow and become a part of our daily routine, especially the age group of youngsters and teen. The viral college videos of teens and adolescents are seen and followed at a large number through its fans and followers.

Let’s know which are the common tricks that can instantly make a video to be viral?

Focus on the first Frame: While making a college video or a video dedicated to teens, one must keep in mind that the first frame of the video should be engaging.  It has to have an attraction value so that the viewers stick to see the full video. Try to make it engaging by focussing on what’s already been popular in the past on internet.

Know the social media trends and approaches that are being followed: To make a teen video successful and viral on the social media platforms and apps, always know the latest going social media trends. Make a list on what’s making the most viral videos and also focus on how you can implement these strategies in your own created video.

Take Content as the real king:To instantly make a viral video and to make a college or teen video viral among youngsters, always make sure that the video you are creating has a strong and shareable content. Make a point t know whether the video will be able to capture and cater the needs/ interests of your target viewers.

Follow a realistic approach: If you wish to make your video popular among teens, you must follow a realistic approach to grab the attention of your viewers. The video should be able to make connect with the targeted viewers otherwise it may become viral for only quite a time and the other sequels of the video (if there are any) will not be that successful and viral.


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