Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Social media applications have taken over the world. Everything that people do in their daily lives likes to exhibit on social media. It is also a great platform to meet and interact with new people across the globe. After facebook gained massive popularity, there are several other new social media applications that people are leaning towards. Instagram and Snapchat are among them. Instagram is a social networking application that is used to share snaps and videos from smartphones. It is more like a simplified version of Facebook with an emphasis on mobile use. You can interact with other users via direct message and even bookmark the photos you see on Instagram whereas snapchat is your usual social media app. Snapchat introduced the concept of stories that is visible to your selected audience for 24 hours, and then it disappears. It gained huge popularity among teenagers for its attractive photo and video filters that can be shared with your friends.

How Is Instagram Different From Snapchat?

  • The Stories Feed: On Instagram, there is a new horizontal feed which is located above your main feed exclusively for stories. It shows the profile photo of the user with a cyclic bubble for the users you follow. The bubbles appear in a certain algorithm and disappear after 24 hours.

On Snapchat, you have to swipe left from the default camera tab that appears after opening the application. After swiping left you will get to see all the recent stories and the recent updates and the stories of the people you’ve added. It will be displayed between a block of promotional material.

  • Privacy: On Instagram, you can delete chats and it the message will be deleted from both sides. This is a useful tool to remove the track of your activity whereas in snapchat you can send a snap to your friends and adjust the time for which the snap can be viewed by the person. You will also get a notification if the person takes a snapshot of it.


  • Editing Tools: Instagram has a great inbuild editing tools. You can take photos from your Instagram application and directly edit and upload it to Instagram. You can resize the photo according to your need. In Instagram, there is no such editing application for photos.


  • Photo and Video Filter: Snapchat is known for its cool filter and makes your skin shine, eyes look bigger, longer eyelashes and crown on your face. The dog filter is extremely popular among teenagers. Snapchat also allows you to take small video clips using these features. There is also another interesting feature of snapchat is face swap. You can swap your face with another face from your photo gallery. Instagram doesn’t have such filter which is a letdown; although Instagram might include this feature in future and you can get large number of instagram video views with fabulous features.


  • Location Tags: Using location tags in Instagram is ridiculously easy. Adjust the size, edit the size, click on a location and it will automatically detect your location using GPRS. You can set the different locations manually too. In snapchat using location, tags can be a bit difficult since it introduced the sponsored filters. You have to scroll through several Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors filters to find one that is not branded.


  • Audience: Using Instagram for small business purposes can be very useful. Using the right hashtags and attractive photos and videos can make your business reach the right audience and eventually help you make your business grow. In case of snapchat, the audience is limited and is not helpful for small businesses.


  • Drawing Tools: Instagram allows different pens and a wide range of colors and rainbow maker. These tools are very quick and responsive and make your handwriting look great with neon tool whereas snapchat has done no change to its drawing tools since the inception of the app.

Instagram Has Boomerang! Oh! Snapchat Has AR Capabilities

Boomerang is a standalone application but snapchat has added the feature to the Instagram camera, and it is now one of the most useful features. It is fun using and free-spirited, and it makes every video look cooler. Many Instagram stories would not have been possible without Boomerang.

Snapchat is out of the world when it comes to augmented reality. The app recently gained huge popularity for its dancing hot dog. Several other filters allow objects to be placed in the real world. No one else is doing this, and this is hilarious as well as impressive.

Which Is A Better Platform To Conduct An Online Business?

In this world of tremendous technical advancement, many people are using the various social networking sites and applications for conducting their business. If you want your online business to flourish largely and are confused if you should conduct your business over Instagram or Snapchat, here are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration which will make your choice easier.

  1. There are a large number of people who use Instagram. This makes it easier for you to make your products and services available to a large number of prospective buyers. The number of Instagram users exceeds that of Snapchat users by a notable margin.
  2. An Instagram profile is more informative as compared to that in Snapchat. In Instagram, you can make your profile visible to the public at large, unlike Snapchat where your posts are visible only to the people whom you have added or those who have added you.
  3. Instagram helps you keep a record of all your followers, and the hashtags give you access to a wide range of other similar profiles from which you can derive marketing and promotion ideas. It also helps people easily discover your brand.
  4. Both are effective in targeting the different types of audience crowd. While Instagram is used by people of almost every age group, Snapchat is usually used by the youths.

After a thorough analysis of both these applications, it can be concluded that both these apps have distinct features. Instagram has features which are better than Snapchat, and some of the features of Snapchat are better than what is available on Instagram. It is difficult to choose any one over the other. People make their own choices as per their demands and conveniences.


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