Top 5 games to play when you getting bored

What comes to your mind when you are bored? How do you ensure you still stay up even when you are feeling bored? Well, more often than not, sleep comes to mind first.  But did you know there are hundreds of games you can play when you are hit by boredom? Or perhaps when you need a simple distraction? And believe or not a majority of them are No wifi games.

Here are some of them: –

·         Hangaroo

Are you a fun of picking your own mind? If yes, then this is the game to hang onto. The word puzzle game, which you can choose at random. But you must be able to figure out the puzzle quickly if you don’t want the kangaroo to hang. Isn’t this not magical fun?

·         Owlboy

Are you looking for something with a touch of freshness, a little faster or better still something, which will keep you on toes? Look no further than to owlboy. All you require is 600MB of space on your laptop or desktop.

·         Sleeping dogs

Sometimes we all want to feel and look silly to the open world. Right! How about trying out sleeping dogs, which is easily optimized on PC? It does equally good on laptops. And you know what, any integration of graphics from the HD 2500 series will still run sleeping dogs despite the settings. But the long and the short of all this is that Games without WiFi have incredible fun.

·         Severed

Bored comes with having so much time to yourself. And you are not sure what to do with it. Well, here is severed; a game, which requires devotion of so much time. And it is said to be ideal for those who are taking long flights. Well, it is thoroughly rewarding if you have the patience.

·         The battle of polytopia

It is such an impressive game. And in addition it is also very feature-rich. Turn by turn the player gets to expand their empires while upgrading various technologies. What else would anyone be looking for if not any of the above games.

And who loves boredom anyway? Well, with the holidays, perhaps boredom would thrive. And more often than not we find ourselves perusing the internet pages after pages. However, if you aren’t an active mobile gamer already, then for sure you are missing out on quite a bit of both simple and even deeply involved experiences. However, make sure you are not interacting with useless websites.  Play right from the comfort of your couch.  Or less simply create your Ringtones online for free if you really want into music and love to listen music while getting boredal for those who are  do with it. Well, here is severed; a game, which


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