How to Choose the Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for Your iPhone

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There is a wide range of options coming from dozens of manufacturers out there when it comes to wireless speakers for iPhones. But with such a variety, it’s not easy to know which one suits you most. We’re here to present some of the important features that you need to take into account for a great pair of iPhone wireless speakers. Let’s get started!

Select the Right Size and Shape

Photo credit: Logitech Australia

Before starting getting technical, the shape and size of a wireless speaker will express the way you’re supposed to use it. It could be large or boxy, small or cylindrical. It could be equipped with a water-resistant cover, or it just focuses on style and design.

Unlike powered bookshelf speakers, your wireless speakers could be like anything and coming in any size depending on your personal use purpose. So the question here is what are you going to use the speakers for? If you want to enjoy music in your bedroom, then the OontZ Angle 3 makes the perfect option. Or if you love the spread of sound to your whole living room, consider an omnidirectional speaker such as the Amazon Echo.

Is It Your Main Music System or Not?

If you’re seeking a wireless speaker as your primary music system, just get yourself prepared for spending some cash as well as spare space in your room. The speakers should be a usable alternative to your Hi-Fi system. Or if not, you might like to reduce sonic expectations of your speakers based on the product’s size and price. In other words, do not expect big and articulate sound produced by little and portable speakers.Consider Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is one of the most popular technologies we usually see in all wireless speakers. Besides, it’s the fastest and simplest way to allow your iPhone to interact with each other wirelessly, which just takes a few minutes to pair your phone with the speaker.

Better than thought, this tech won’t care whether you use an iOS or Android system, and you can use it to stream songs if you want. Also, a standard Bluetooth has a range of 100 meters, but when you utilize one speaker in the house, making this range decreases remarkably. So, you can use a range of 10 meters indoors.

Bluetooth comes in a great variety of versions. Among them, aptX HD can transfer music in a particular way that enables more outstanding sound quality. It’s designed to support the audio at 48kHz and has a better-than-CD audio quality.

Nowadays, with the launch of Bluetooth 5, it keeps evolving to satisfy the needs of the whole industry with a highly secure connectivity and 4x range, 2x acceleration, and 8x broadcasting message capacity. Such features come along with an increased coexistence with the wireless tech, which helps to enhance the user’s experience by allowing both basic and effortless interactions across different devices.Battery life

Before going out and making your decision regarding your purchase it is very necessary for you to know about the battery life of the speakers. Earlier the battery life of the speakers used to be upto 5 hours but now with increasing technologies it has raised to the extent of 10 hours. So, readers do not go for less.

Portability of wireless speakers

Are you a traveller? or much fond of music and thus tend to carry your system every place that let me tell you before purchasing do consider the portability factor of speakers. Go with the speakers that can be easily carried over places and also are waterproof.

Remotes and apps

Before making the purchase decision please see that whether the speakers can be operated through phone or do they require and additional installation of apps whether that app can run out with ease or not at your iphone.

Compression technology

This technology has taken up a steep importance in the technological world today. By default every bluetooth audio- capable device must be able to use an agreed basic compression system, psychoacoustic lossy codec- that is it discards music information deemed not so important to all cases, to greatly reduce the no. of bits that must be sent in a digital music stream. The quality of SBC varies and it runs at various bit rates. But SBC typically runs at around 200 kb/s and has the subjective quality of mp3 at 128kb/s which is to say not at all good.

Set up to stereo sound

Single speakers are convenient but there is something special  about true stereo sound coming from seperate left and right side speakers. You get a better sense of how the music is supposed to sound with more detail ad an accurate image of where the musicians  are in the mix. So you, can get a pair of powered stereo speakers with bluetooth built in. That makes it easy to stream from your iphone wirelessly to the speakers and because the power is built in you do not need a separate receiver or amp.


  • Airplay is apple’s way of magically sending files, music, and even video over wifi. Many wifi speakers incorporate the technology and if you have an IPad or iphone, the little airplay symbol in the menu of itunes and other music apps makes it extremely simple to push music to your speaker once you have connected that speaker to the wireless network.

Look Out for Amp Classification

Another hindrance to your Bluetooth speaker sound is nothing else than the low-fidelity amp tech. Imagine that if the Hi-Fi amplifiers remain using one linear system called Class A, then the other portable devices will use Class D – one of the cleverest ways to make the whole amp much more productive, transforming your battery power into another usable output one.

Choose 360-Degree Audio Speakers

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360-degree audio speakers mean that they have a cylindrical design and can face all directions, competing against the classic front-facing type. This design helps you say “goodbye” to the sweet spots of the audio that you always find in front-facing speaker versions.


Well, we know that you want to listen to a few tunes and desperately love to find the long-lasting speakers to cope with your life on the move. Hopefully, our special guide today can help you walk through the best options when it comes to wireless Bluetooth speakers. They will allow you and your friends to share the beautiful music in your own space without suffering any shortcomings in the sound quality.



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