8 Amazing Yoga and Meditation Apps for iPhone Users



These days, there are apps for everything it would seem, including those designed specifically to help yoga and meditation fans. So, if you are an iPhone user who is seeking to take your yoga workouts to the next level, here are some apps to help you make this a reality.

No matter how busy your day is, these apps make it easy for you to schedule yoga into your day. Learn more about the benefits of yoga and how it can help boost your mood and alleviate feelings of depression in this article from BetterHelp.

  • Pocket Yoga (£2.99)

Here is a user-friendly app that has plenty to offer. Users have a selection of more than 200 well-illustrated poses. It has voice instructions as well which makes great for use at home and on-the-go. Additionally, you can choose your poses based on difficulty levels.

iPhone users will also enjoy the benefit of linking it to the Health app to see how their workouts are affecting their heart rate and also to know how many calories they burn with 30 minutes of yoga.

  • Yoga. com 

It is such an app that boasts about 7 million people. It provides you a facility to learn with the help of an instructor. This app has HD videos that demonstrate every pose in their library nearly  389 poses along with breathing exercises. This app includes 37 apps for everyone available in the well designed app.


  • Yoga Studio ($3.99)

Whether you want better yoga or meditation, this app has it all. In its collection are 65 classes, arranged depending on level and the desired goal; which could be flexibility, relaxation, balance, or strength.

You can even enjoy your favorite music when doing your poses while using this app. It is best suited to those who want an app that offers a good blend of yoga and meditation classes.

  • Daily Yoga (Free, Paid Upgrade)

If you have been slacking a bit in your yoga workouts, this is the app for you. It motivates you to work out on a daily basis. The app also caters to both novices and professionals through its diverse selection of poses. You will also have a chance to work towards various fitness goals such as getting toned and learning how to meditate better.

In fact, this is a great app to have on your iPhone as it will also guide you when it comes to Pilates and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The team behind the app also keeps adding new workouts on a monthly basis, which should make for a more exciting workout experience. For more and varied workouts beyond Yoga, http://lifetoliveit.com gives you a good insight on a number of different exercises to help you get in shape.

  • Down Dog

It becomes really boring sometimes to go through the same poses again and again in a routine. So, down dog is a solution to this boredom situation. Down dog creates a brand new vinyasa yoga sequence so that you are never short of new yogas.

  • Yoga-track yoga

Yoga releases all the stress and so this app is not only fro gaining flexibility but also a good way to fight depression and also to remove all the bad thoughts. Through this app you need to follow your schedule. Through this app you can create your own set of workouts. This app motivate you to practice yoga in a calm way.

  •  FitStar Yoga (Free, Paid Upgrade)

This app has been made by the guys behind the popular Fitbit wearable fitness technology and a beloved yogi, Tara Stiles. FitStar Yoga is a dream come true for many yoga fans in search of a free yet premium app.

However, while you can still get pretty of great information on how to go about your yoga workouts with the free app, you will have to pay a price to get access to all the features the app has to offer.

  • Yoga fitness training

Here, lines up another app for iphone users. As we know that it is very necessary to keep the body strong and also mind free. This app also consists of over 40 poses and 8 routines which you can combine to create your own workout. Some of the poses are for both the beginners as well as advanced people.

  • Sworkit lite

Unlike other apps in the study, this is an app that keeps an upgrading with sworkit you can enjoy all the free workout which this app offers you. This app is available in 4 modes- cardio, strength, flexibility or yoga. Every section tends to provide you different poses and combinations which suit your body the best. It helps you to achieve a good mind.

  • Yoga monkey

Though this name seems to be very funny but in actual this app is a special project for yoga people. This is desogned for children. It is designed to gain child flexibility and thus to arrive at certain posture. This app is designed by certified yoga professional with 20 years hatha yoga teaching experience.This app has 10 available session with full instructions and images for better sleep, fight depression, help digestion, fight winter blue and growing skin.

  • Office yoga

This app is for those who are always busy in office and thus are not able to find out time for themselves. This app provides you with certain yoga techniques which are easy to do even at workplace so that whenever your spine suffer fromm work you can further up  yourself at ease.

  • Capital yoga

This app is a reallly cool app for the iphone users. It is run by professional yoga teachers Jamine Ackert from Canada. This app merely includes beginning yoga tricks and a long list of poses. it is such an app in which even the sequences are played in avoice note.


  •  Simple Yoga (Free)

This app may be available for free, but it is still one of the best daily yoga apps you can install on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the moment. With a choice of over 30 poses, you will get detailed instructions on how to execute each pose and get all the physical benefits it has to offer. It can also be linked to the Health app so that you see how your workout is helping you attain your fitness goals.

  •  Relax Melodies (Free)

The key to proper medication is relaxation. But relaxing is easier said than done when you are trying to still your mind after a day of mind-boggling hustles. This app can help you out in this regard by offering you a strong selection of over 50 relaxation sounds and melodies to help you stay focused and relaxed.

Relax Melodieseven includes 4 brainwave beats and you can create the sort of melodies you require to match the sounds that are best suited to your current state.

  • Gain Yoga (Free)

Yes, this is a free app; but it deserves a place on your phone if you are serious about yoga. Thanks to its high quality images on yoga poses, you will be properly guided through various yoga poses as you try to learn or go through each workout. This app will definitely help you get your beloved toned and lean body.

It even offers integration to the health app, which means you can track how good of a fitness impact your workouts are having on your body. It will work with both beginners and professionals as well; and you can even personalize the workouts, which is a handy feature for many users.

  •  iYoga Premium (£3.99)

This app has very good graphics to show you how your yoga poses are helping your body attain greater levels of fitness. The app is quite advanced as it makes use of motion capture animation to ensure that you get each of the poses right. So, if you are serious about doing perfect yoga poses, here is an app that is fully dedicated to helping you achieve this.


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