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Would You Leave Your Kids Alone In A Bad Neighborhood? … At night?
Have you ever imagined what would life be like without the World Wide Web? The internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. Together with technology, the internet became an indispensable part of every people’s life. It has greatly shaped media, culture, commerce, communication, and of course, the entertainment. But like any other tool, the internet comes with dangers which all parents should know about; instant messaging, emails, chat rooms, and social networking sites can bring a lot of risks to your children including cyberbullying, personal data theft and blackmailing.

Some Surprising Statistics
Here are a few eye-opening statistics about the effects of social media on youth:
1) 88% of teens have seen somebody be cruel to someone else on a social networking site
2) There is an increase of 300% on the number of sexual assault cases that are related to social media sites.
3) 12% of the youth have seen unpleasant behavior most of the times on social networking sites.
4) According to NSOPW, 15% of teens, they were usually the target of cruelty online.
5) 41% of teens have a negative experience in using a social networking site
6) 22% of teens lost friendships because of actions on social media sites.
7) 13% have experienced problems with parents due to social media sites.
8) 8% were physically involved in a fight due to something posted online.
9) 25% of teens had a face-to-face argument because of posts on Facebook.
10) 6% of elementary school children have got into trouble in their school due to postings on social networking sites.

Choosing A Reliable Software To Protect Your Kids From The Internet
With the advent of thousands of chat sites and social networking across the internet, the danger can only be one click away. That is why choosing a reliable software to supervise and protect your children from the dangers of the internet should be a top priority. By using such, parents can limit access to different online contents block bullies or strangers, and even monitor the things that their children are doing online. There are a lot of trusted and reliable software available on the internet to help you protect your children from the risks of the world wide web. Picking the right software can have a big difference on how your children are exposed to the web.

Parental Controls For Your Children
If your children are often exposed on the internet on the daily basis, you must consider implementing a parental control for your children. Parental controls are features on your computer designed to allow parents set controls on how their children use the computer. Whatever device it may be, whether a tablet or a PC, using robust parental control systems helps protect your children when they are online. Parental controls come in different formats but the idea is that they allow you to block websites that may be harmful to your child. Parental control software is very easy to install and use.

It filters or completely blocks content you don’t want your children to see, like violence, gambling and pornography. It also restricts any information from the internet. Parents can also limit the time on how long their children can be online. In addition to this, they can control the time of day their children can access the internet. You can also set different profiles so that every family members have a specific access level appropriate for them.

Norton’s Parental Control Software
If you are looking for a reliable parental control software, then Norton’s software can be a very great choice. It is an easy-to-use parental software that can monitor different devices such as smartphones. This allows you to know what your children are doing online. This software has advanced features to protect your children from internet risks and dangers, whatever device they use.

Some features of this software include filter categories such as pornography, alcohol, violence, and weapons. Blocking social media programs and online gaming is also easy with this software. This software also has preset filters that are based on your child’s age which allow you to block websites that are not appropriate for children in a specific age group. It can also block chat and messaging programs on different applications such as Skype or messenger. And of course, the Norton’s Parental Control Software can restrict the time your kids spend on the internet.

Norton Coupons Policy For Promoting Internet Security
Computer hacking and cyber crime become more and more sophisticated which means that security software manufacturers like Norton, have to keep up with new updates Internet security companies are constantly on research and development because of the ever expanding threats in the internet. Of course, this has an immediate impact in the price of the products. Symantec Inc. encourages consumers to use Norton discount codes and other promotional deals, in order to save money from the purchase of their software.

With only a price of $49.99, you may save your children from different harms and danger on the internet with this well designed and easy to navigate parental control software. Norton coupons are applicable at check-out and give an additional up to 20% discount. Coupon sites and tech forums like are affiliated with internet security companies and hand out norton promo codes for free.

Bottom Line
Making sure your children are safe to stay online is important but parental controls are not merely the solution to this problem. Talking to your children and encouraging them to be responsible while using the web can have a great difference for your child’s safety. Every parent wants the best for their children and keeping them safe from these dangers can greatly help on how they are being influenced by online content.


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