How to fix fire emblem heroes crashing on iPhone and iPad?

How to fix fire emblem heroes crashing on iPhone and iPad?

If you are playing the Fire Emblem Heroes on your IOS device then you might be facing some crashes issues with this game. The fire emblem Heroes generally is not compatible on many iOS devices. As there are some common and linking issues in Nintendo with this game, whenever the new game is game is launched in iOS. If you have downloaded the new version of fire emblem you will notice when you will open this game after a few time it will crash or show an error message on your screen. Well this does not happen in every iPhone.

Fire Emblem Heroes Crashing

Mostly these errors code is seen on your iPhone or iPad screen Error Code 803-0003 or 803-3001.

The Fire emblems game requires the constant and high speed of internet connectivity in your phone, few of its features can be played offline.

If you are facing some common issues while paying this game in you iPhone or iPad then by following several ways which is mention below you can easily resolve them.

Error Code: 803-0003

The main causing of this error is overloaded server. This mainly happens when many people download the game at the same time. So it is  advised not to reload the game again as this will feed to an issue, just wait for 10 minutes and then try to download it again. When it is started downloading then additional data is needed to play the game so in this case you may also this error.  Once the server is free and calm you can easily get into it. You will feel like you are playing it on real emulator i.e., you will experience playing fire emblem heroes emulator.

Error Code: 803-3001

Many IOS user see the, message of error code 803-3001 on their phone screens. This error occurs due to some communication errors. There is no such solution has been found to fix this error.  One thing you can do is, you can delete the game and re-download it. This may help you in fixing this issue.

But let me aware you from one thing if you have played the game earlier and you have already earned the Orb points and if yours “My Nintendo” account is not connected then the points will no longer remain when you delete the game from your iPhone. You will not get your Orb points when you re-download the game. If you don’t want to lose your Orb points from the game then you must get connected to the “My Nintendo account”. So make sure that my Nintendo account is connected before deleting the game.

Some people reports that the game crashes while they open up the game even if they did not jailbreak the IOs device. Here are some steps by following them you can resolve such kind problems.

  • You can restart your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then go to Launch App Switcher and force quit the game
  • After that go to the App Store and get the latest update of the game (if available)
  • Delete the Fire Emblem Heroes and re-install it on your device.

Hope this will surely help you!


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