Top 6 Altimeter Apps for iPhone – How to use the iPhone altimeter?

We all know that iOS only have the compass or altimeter app. There is no such built-in feature for this feature. But there are so many altimeter apps available on the app store.  I have the list of top 6 altimeter app for iPhone that will surely work for you. With the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, one major improvement in hardware is the new barometer pressure sensor.  So, altimeter apps which are available on app store take advantage of this barometer pressure sensor to calculate elevations instead of GPS which gives more accurate data to the users and also helps to save device’s battery.

Altimeter Apps

So, let’s move on that top 6 altimeter apps for iPhone. Given below are the top 6 altimeter apps for iPhone-

List of Top 6 Altimeter Apps for iPhone


  • Barometer & altimeter for iPhone and iPad :

Barometer & altimeter – name speaks itself that this app is not only for outdoor activities, but it also supports feature that can provide weather using the barometer.  It also provides widget in notification center. Barometer and altimeter both app use GPS and new barometer pressure center which is used to calculate the current barometric pressure, keep track of changes, and used to predict weather based on recorded data.


  • Travel Altimeter Lite :

The travel Altimeter lite application is the free app that can be downloading from app store. The main screen of the app provides you altitude, longitude, and latitude.  This app also has a built-in flashlight but it is not necessary feature as you can use the flashlight in control center.


  • Altimeter+ :

Altimeter app can purchase after paying $0.99. This app supports apple watch which makes it quite handy while you are traveling, hiking and more. Altimeter also provides an average calculation of GPS and ASTER altitude data. This app also provides the integral map which shows peaks, a compass, and a distance grid.


  • Pro Altimeter :

Pro altimeter can also purchase like altimeter + app after paying such amount of $0.99. This app works best with iPhone 6 and higher, which has the inbuilt barometric pressure sensor. For older version of iPhone, this app works by using GPS with accurate result. The interface of the app is very simple but information is displayed fully on the screen. The main screen is categorized into three parts which are altimeter reading, GPS altitude, and altimeter reference. First two parts display barometric altitude and GPS altitude in both feet and meter with real-time accuracy.


  • V-Cockpit GPS Lite  :

V-cockpit GPS Lite is a unique, photorealistic way of displaying all iPhone’s sensory data. V-Cockpit GPS is designed to get accurate as possible, but it is limited by the iPhone’s sensor accuracy. The accuracy of GPS also depends on your location, speed, and surroundings.


  • MyAltitude :

MyAltitude includes an Apple watch in-app so that you can use iPhone’s GPS to find your current altitude right from the wrist. myAltitude uses the built-in-barometer to calculate extremely accurate altitude value. It is the best app for climbers, hikers, trekkers, mountaineers, and adventures.

However, there are number of altimeter apps which can used to check directions using GPS and calculation of altitude value using Barometer pressure sensor. Among them, Travel altimeter lite and Barometer & Altimeter app is best app to use for calculating altitude.


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