Get to know background app refresh on iphone and ipad

Saving is new caring we all have heard this and we know it very well that to avoid any kind of wastage we must learn how to save may it be our money, time or our internet data. Yes, internet is our lifeline this iswhy we don’t want to waste it on any useless activity. One crucial
way to avoid such a wastage is to keep an eye over background app refresh of our iphone or ipad.

What is background app refresh?

What is background app refresh
Before starting discussing ways to save our data we first need to know what is background app refresh is?
I have gone through many iphone and ipads users getting confused about this feature. This feature of
ios permits the apps that support such background execution to check over the new content in those applications without hindering the user in an intelligent and easy manner. This background refreshing of apps keeps you in constant touch with the new updates on your application wall and this entire process abstractly runs in the background. Up to a certain extent this new feature of iphone was to enable a user to be constantly in touch with the world but to many users this feature ios nothing but mere wastage of data.

But here we bring to you an easy way to save your valuable data from being wasted on useless updations and your live saving battery to perform well.

Your device may either be connected to a cellular network to a wi-fi in both the cases it is important that one must know his data consumption and where is it being used. No matter if you are usingcellular data or a wi-fi connection you can still control your data consumption and battery drainage.

To stop background refreshing:
To limit this usage you can go through the following basic steps:

1. Move to your device Settings options.
2. Go to General and then select Background App Refresh.
3. Select the Background Refresh Option over the top.
4. Now you have the freedom to select within from the provided options:
  • Off: Disable background content fetching for all the apps.
  • Wi-Fi: It provides you the freedom to enable the Background Refresh only when your iphone or ipad is connected to Wi-fi.
  • Wi-fi and cellular data: Allows background refreshing if the device is connected to some wifi either or has an access to cellular network.
Now one can move out of the Settings to save the made changes.

This allows a user to keep a check over his data but if you are selective enough and you want some of your apps to still run in background and fetch updated or refresh content for you then you are permitted for that also. You can easily select which apps you want to get refreshed at background so that you c
an have an easier access to those apps. To let this occur in your ios device. you need to follow the mentioned steps.
Enabling Background App Refresh selectively:
1. Move to Settings option
2. Select General and then tap on Background App Refresh option.
3. That is it now you can individually select or enable this feature on required applications.
4. Again move out of Settings to save the made changes.

These easy steps will help you to wisely manage your data and enhance your battery performance. No more unnecessary app will be eating away your data and battery without your consent.
Just follow these steps and be wise and clever enough to efficiently consume you data.


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