How To Fix ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ For Mails And Safari In IOS

Ever tried to send an email or open one and there is a notification that the application cannot verify the identity of the server you are connecting to. Pretty annoying, right? Worry no more, as the following is a number of golden pointers as to how you can fix such errors in future.

       How To Fix ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ For Mails And Safari In IOS

Restart The iPhone

Quite often, errors in verifying the identity server in iPhones result from software hitches. The very first step is to restart the iPhone as this will tend to fix minor errors in the software that could be behind the hiccup.  Press the power button and don’t release it before the instructions to slide to power off are displayed. Once the above instructions are displayed one should swipe the red icon to the right to switch off the iPhone. Give it a minute or two and press the power button once more. This time hold it until the Apple logo shows in the display screen.

Shut The Mail Application, And Reopen It

It is possible that a single application could be causing trouble to the entire operating system of the iPhone. An example for such would be the mail application. At times it may have crushed while at use. To resolve any minor issues within the applications software, one will need to close the application and reopen it.

Remove Your Email Account And Add It Afresh

If the error still persists even after closing and reopening the email application then don’t fret. Instead go a step further and delete your email account from the Iphone.  To do this, go to the settings application and pick on the accounts and passwords. Within the accounts, look out for the email you intend to delete and tap on it. Further tap on the red delete account and confirm deletion. After it is completely removed, go to the settings once again and tap the accounts and passwords. Go to add account, choose your mail service and enter the data afresh.  What this does is that it enables the verification of your email account by the mail application as the server identity certificates are set up afresh.

Reset The Entire iPhone Settings

This in return wipes out all the information in the settings application. At the settings application, tap on the general and go pick on reset then further tap on reset all settings and tap at the displayed alert to confirm it. This only means that, when everything is wiped out of the application, the problems are wiped out as well!

The error may also pop up not only on the mail app but also on the safari browser. The error message displayed is almost similar for both issues.

To fix such an error, tap on cancel at the error alert displayed. Then go to the settings where you will tap on safari. Further scroll on until you get to the bottom where you will tap the clear history and website information or data, confirm when the confirmation alert is displayed. When done restart the iPhone or iPad.

This is it. The above tips will certainly go a long way in helping everyone enjoy using their Apple iOs devices. The next time the annoying error alert pops up one knows the quick and zero cost steps to trouble shoot it.


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