Top 5 Accessories Every iPhone Owner Must Have


Owning an iPhone feels great as the device provides numerous features that only an Apple user would know. The world just feels little brighter with your iPhone by your side. In the ever evolving market of smartphone, there are numerous accessories to pick from. The accessories are best known for adding a personal touch of style, but they do simplify the way we do various things in our daily life, as well. Below are the five functional as well as stylish accessories for iPhone.

  1. Tuneband sports armband – We all need our phones all the time including while we work out. Carrying the phone in the pocket is not a great option as it would keep moving to and fro. Armbands are the perfect solution to this problem. While the market is afloat with several options, the two piece design from Tuneband is an instant impression. It makes attending to calls and listening to your kind of music much simpler with the right pair of earbuds. To keep up the workout without any distractions, go for earbuds for small ears for iPhone if you often find earbuds falling out of your ears. The armband holds the iPhone in a flexible, silicon case with Velcro straps for a customizable, secure fitting.
  2. Kenu stance tripod – This is a prize catch for all hands-free lovers. Since there are so many things that one can do on the phone like photography, reading and so on, using it hands-free has its advantages. Kenu stance tripod is extremely handy and lets you install your iPhone in both landscape and portrait view. Whether you want to read something on your phone or participate in a teleconference, it just makes your life easier. The tripod is easy to carry as it is foldable and once folded; it easily fits into pockets. The latest version of this product has a stronger lightning port connector and a keyring attachment that doubles as a bottle opener.
  3. Tile – If you are often in a hurry, you know how grim it feels to have lost/ misplaced your car or home keys. Tile is the perfect iPhone accessory as it comes with a blue tooth tracker that can be attached to a keychain or any other stuff that you wouldn’t want to be lost. To locate the misplaced item, you need to run the app on your iPhone so that Tile plays a tune to help you locate the misplaced item. It works in a range of 100 foot. If kept beyond that, you get to see their last location on the map. Whenever that distant object comes into the range of any Tile, you get an alert on your iPhone. It can also be used in reverse. You can also press the button on Tile to locate your iPhone. The battery lasts almost a year, making it a great iPhone accessory to own.
  4. Mujjo touchscreen gloves – Using a smart phone during winters is a tough task as you struggle to put your gloves off to use the phone’s touch screen. The touch screen gloves from Mujjo are a delight for such climates as you get to happily use your phone wearing these. They come in a range of varieties for different kinds of climate. The double layered variant is suitable for colder climates. The touch screen gloves have a magnetic clasp to ensure a snug fit. These gloves are a great buy as they are warm, comfortable and stylish – all at the same time.
  5. CamKix camera lens kit – Love taking photographs with your iPhone? Then, you can’t afford to miss out on this kit that has five different lenses. The good news is that isn’t too pricey. So, at a reasonable cost, you get a telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, a circular lens, a wide angle lens and a macro lens. The kit is easy to carry around with the padded carrying case with a carbineer to attach it to a bag or belt. Pick this accessory for iPhone to add versatility to your photography skills.

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Using one or more of these accessories will spice up your iPhone experience, a notch higher. Indulge today!


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