Dark Side of the Internet

Millions of people use the internet everyday. It is very vast and has millions of websites, which must have made you think that you can never access the whole of the internet in your entire life. But you will be even surprised to know that the internet you browse everyday is just the 4% part of the total internet. So what is the other 96% and where is it? Well, it is known as the dark web. It is the dark side of the internet and cannot be accessed by the normal browsers. To access the dark web, you need special browser. Your identity needs to be hidden and you need to be extra careful. But why is it like this? Let us learn a bit more about the dark side of the internet.

What is Dark Side of the Internet or the Dark Web?

Dark Web, which is also known as the part of deep web is an unusual side of the internet which is not meant to be accessed by everyone. It contains very dangerous as well as illegal content and the information on it cannot be accessed by the normal browsers which you use to browse through the normal web. The main reason behind this is the fact that it contains scattered information from various different sources. As this information is presented as one, therefore, it becomes impossible for the normal browsers to access it. So now that you know about what dark side of the web is, let us now move forward to know if it’s legal.

Is the Dark Side of the Internet Legal?

The dark side of the internet or the dark web consists of a lot of illegal and unlicensed stuff. It includes various illegal things such as weapons or even drugs. Besides this, many products which aren’t licensed are illegally sold here. But the list doesn’t end here. One can even find and hire kidnappers as well as serial killers, match fixers and traffickers on the dark web. Burglars and thieves are also available to be hired here. It is a very dangerous place with the presence and availability of criminals. But no law has been specified on accessing the dark web. This means, that though it contains illegal information, but you can still access the dark web no matter where you live or what your age is. But this also means that you yourself are responsible for your actions and need be careful while treading in this dangerous territory.

How can one access the dark side of the internet?

As we mentioned before, the dark web or the deep web as it is called, cannot be accessed by your normal browsers. You need the special browser which is known as the Tor browser to be able to browse the deep web. The tor browser can be downloaded from its website for free. The tor browser hides your identity over the dark side of the internet and makes sure that you remain anonymous. It also protects you from malicious websites, various scams, viruses and other harmful content over the deep web. It also makes sure that your device remains protected. So in order to access the dark web, you begin by downloading and installing the Tor browser. After that you need to search for the links to the websites which you wish to open. Since the tor browser will not provide you the links, therefore you will have to look for them in the vast directories such as hidden wiki. Here you can find millions of links for various types of websites on the deep web. After you find the required link, you need to just copy it and paste it in the tor browser which will then take you to the required website.

What are the tips and suggestions for people surfing the dark side of the internet?

As mentioned before, the dark web contains a host of illegal and unlicensed things as well as activities which can lead you in a lot of trouble. Therefore you need to be extra careful when you browse this dark side of the internet. You need to take care of a few things and follow a few tips which are mentioned below.

  • Stay away from suspicious links – You should never click on links which you deem suspicious as they can consist of malware, bloat or viruses which can damage your devices on being clicked. Moreover, these can also be traps which can steal your crucial information.
  • Never use credit cards for payment – If you purchase anything on the dark web, then do not use your credit card for making its payment. This is because your credit card information can be stolen and its details could be leaked which might cost you dearly.
  • Stay away from criminals and related activities – As you know, many unlicensed products as well as criminals are available on the dark web. You should try and maintain a distance from these things and not invite any unnecessary trouble for yourself.
  • Use directories for safe browsing – You can find millions of directories or links on the hidden wiki platform. Always use these directories as they are pre verified and hence safe to access. Browsing through other links might lead you to suspicious websites which may steal your information or allow a virus or malware into your device.
The Last Words

So we have seen that the dark side of the internet is a very diverse place which has a lot of content in it. Anyone can access it with the help of the special tor browser. But one needs to be extra careful while accessing the dark web because of the consequences it may have. So take a look at the above risks and the precautions that you must take and hence access and browse the deep web as carefully and safely as you can.


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