Instagram Tips and Tricks – From zero to Hero Guide

Instagram is one the fastest, if not the fastest, growing social media networks. And it is becoming the number one choice for media marketing of brands and personal accounts. The facts are speaking for themselves – Instagram users are seeing 11 times higher per follower interaction rate than Facebook and 115 times more, compared to Twitter. No serious marketer can ignore these numbers.

Instagram Tips and Tricks – From zero to Hero Guide

With these engagement rates, it is no surprise that the most important part of growing your account is getting more Instagram followers. There are literally thousands of guides and books describing long-term strategies that may or may not work for you. The truth is that the answer to the question “How to get more Instagram followers?” is very simple – make your posts viral. Yes sure, it is very important to have unique, high-quality content but if no one sees it, your effort becomes a waste of time.

But how to make your posts viral? Instagram does not care if you can jump 100 feet high or if you can fly and if you have captured that moment. Seriously you may be a superhero but if no one sees you, Instagram won’t care too. All that Instagram cares about is how much attention are getting your posts. Literally, there are over 600 million unique monthly users and Instagram can not possibly feature every single post. That is why their algorithm chooses the posts with most engagement rates – likes, impressions, views, comments. There are few simple but extremely useful tips that I will share with you and after that – again a simple but powerful trick to buy real instagram likes cheap.

1. Firstly you have to choose your niche. The niche should be like a marriage – in good and in bad times you have to stick with it. This is very important as at this point you start building trustworthiness along your followers. They follow you because they like your content now and will expect from you to post similar photos and videos. To choose the right niche you have to make a research. Competitors – how strong are they, what is their strategy? Content – is it saturated, is it unique, is it engaging? Auditory – who you target, what can they offer to you?

2. After you have chosen your niche you have to give a kickstart to your account by announcing it on your other social network accounts and website. A simple post will work but if you boost it you won’t be wrong. The link or life feed in your website is very important too.

3. Engage with your new followers as much as possible. Show them that you care! Give them some likes for their posts, show them some comments “love”. If you do this they will be yours forever and not only that but will bring new followers to you – a real marketing powerhouse.

4. Choose the best time to publish your content. It is not secret that people need sleep and also have different things to do and are not 24/7 browsing Instagram. You have to carefully choose your posting time. The posts should be 1-3 a day. Big brands can afford 1 post a week minimum but the best possible choice is the golden two posts a day. The times are very important too – what GEO location do you want to cover, from where are your followers, are they students, do they have jobs, are they giving night shifts? Plus, many more questions the answers to which will give you very accurate choice and will optimise your posting times.

5. Use hashtags but use them wisely. Many small accounts start and want to act like big brands. Unfortunately, this is not possible and I will say it only once – small accounts need more hashtags to grow and become reputable users/brands. However, do not use random hashtags. They must be related to your content and not distract your auditory.

6. Use informative and cool captions. The text must be catchy and provoke users to interact with the post and ideally comment on it. Best practice is to ask questions. With their comments, your post visibility will increase a lot. After the cool text, tag few users and not only that but you should encourage these users to tag others too. Also, if you have a business with physical adress or your pictures and videos represent the specific place you should tag this location. This way an Instagram user searching for that specific location will see your post also and he is a potential new follower.

7. Always keep track of your results. Measure them from day to day or week to week and adjust where you have to. No one is perfect but improving the above steps will get you pretty close to perfection. This is very important.

These are the basic tips that you have to follow to get your account out of the dirt. But you may need few tools that can help you, especially for newly created accounts. Just remember – do not buy followers from different services as in most cases they are not real and/or are “ghosted”. You won’t get anything with them and you will just waste your money. The only follower that matter is the one that wants to engage with your content. There are few paid tools which can automate your account activity too but keep in mind that they violate Instagram TOS and may result in an account ban. However, there are few very legit services for likes exchange or simply which post your content on viral sites with thousands of visits each day. This way your post exposure is huge and you can get a really strong boost. For example, is a service that publishes your content on viral sites automatically and you get thousands of likes. I will describe in few words how this can help you.

How important are Instagram likes? They are probably the most important part of every account growth as they are an index that someone is interested in your content and shows Instagram increase engagement rates. This means that with a lot of Instagram likes your posts will get featured by Instagram and will be viral, also ranked in top 9 of every hashtag that you have mentioned. More people will see the post and the one that is interested in it may follow you. Free Likes Club offers unlimited free Instagram likes! The zero price and the way it posts your pictures and videos on viral sites makes it my number once choice for 3rd party service, boosting my account. Because it is mobile optimised I am using it as free Instagram likes app and I rarely sit in front of the PC.

Another service which will help a lot is the well known Hootsuite. It can help you manage your account by scheduling your posts at the right times and monitor your account activity. All this from a single dashboard without tens of tools involved. It is very important to keep your account management clean and organised as it will give you space to concentrate on other more important things.

At the moment my account is getting an average of 500-800 new followers a day by following these simple tips and tricks. I rarely spend more than 2 hours a day for this account and I am very happy with the results. Remember that every guide can be improved and twisted with your own method which is working for you. I have given you some very useful insights and the rest is in your hands. I wish you all many followers and happy marketing days!



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