Indians users spent millions of minutes in making video calls daily..!

In instant messaging platform, WhatsApp has become the top position with that serious completion with other apps. It grabbed the attention of many people by its simple nature, so it allowed both tech and non-tech people around the world. It has only limited and basic features in the original updates. Gradually, it enhanced the feature in the quality wise also. It allows the users to message, share photos, videos, contacts, file sharing, and location sharing. The users can make both voice calls and video calls by using the internet service.

Indians users spent millions of minutes in making video calls daily
Indians users spent millions of minutes in making video calls daily

Pin the latest conversation or favorite conversation instead of searching in the vast list of conversation. At the same time, the user could pin three conversations and WhatsApp allows the users to replace by other three conversations. Another most expecting feature is the ‘unsend’ feature; the users can revoke the sent message within five minutes. If the message is in unread, then the message can revoke from the sent destination. It helps the users to avoid the embarrassing moment. WhatsApp continually works on adding some extra qualities like live location sharing and post short videos and photos in the status feature. Most Indians WhatsApp users are attracted by the video call feature. Let see about an impact of the video call in Indians daily life.

Indians elite in video call making

Though the WhatsApp have many features Indians are mostly attracted by the video calling features. In the Globe, Indians make the fifty million video call daily, highest count compare to other countries. In last year November, the WhatsApp introduce the video calling features and competes with the apps like Hike, Google Allo, and Viber.

It doesn’t affect the India-based messaging app also Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s FaceTime and Google Duo. Then it had the steady growth in the usage. One of the important factors is there is fallen in the data price of mobile network service provider and the free promotional data by the newcomer, Reliance Jio. A Spoke person from the WhatsApp said India is the top country making video calls over fifty million calling minutes per day.

In the world wide, the users make fifty-five millions video calls per day, spending more than three hundred forty million minutes per day on these calls. This shows that video calling feature was one of the most requested features for the people from India. We are proud to have the opportunity to launch this feature in India and look forward to seeing users talk with their friends and the beloved ones.

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So, it decided to support the business people in India by working on solutions to enable the business user to contact the consumers and India. While the parent company of WhatsApp said they will not allow the third party advertisement on its platform, it is the testing tool allows the user to communicate with the organization and business such as airlines and banks through its platform.

Subsequent move of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on the new feature to enhance the engagement on the platform. It had currently launched the story feature to allow the users to express their idea and thoughts using picture and videos. WhatsApp is moving forward to make a sudden attack in the into the digital payment service, as India as the test bed. So it is looking for a digital transaction head in India. Hike team also working on the digital payment service for India, also discuss with the Indian Federal Bank for the support to implement converting the physical note to the digital currency notes. Both WhatsApp-founder Acton and the IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had met to discuss ways in which WhatsApp could contribute to India’s vision for digital commerce.

Arora had told reporters that they were constantly working to improve WhatsApp and expanding the boundaries with a focus on the quality and we do not look at the competition. WhatsApp is available for more than fifty languages around the world and in ten languages in India.

The big user base WhatsApp is in the Spotlight in India over their new privacy policies that purport to share the data with the Facebook. It shares the personal information of the WhatsApp user including the phone number. So a couple of the WhatsApp users file a case against the WhatsApp in the Delhi High Court and the ruled favor for the WhatsApp. So, now the case is going on the High Court. Recently, the lawyer from the Facebook said in court that if the Indian users were in privacy minded then need to delete the Facebook and WhatsApp from their device to stop using this service. The comments from the lawyer same even as the Facebook challenge in the Europe, has paused the data sharing between the WhatsApp and the Facebook in several Europe countries.

Concerning of status feature

The Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the impressive count in the monthly active users from the earlier month. The Status feature allows its users to share the short videos, photos and GIF to their contacts users. Their next focus is build community. There were one hundred million people in the Facebook are the members of very meaningful groups like parent support and illness support group that are the important part of the lives. Mark said his hope to help more than one billion people join very meaningful groups to strengthen the social fabric over next years. They have works lot to build a community that works for everyone. Earlier they have added three thousand people over the community operation team to review reported posts faster when someone need help. They also continue work to spot the false news and enabling the greater service to connect the people with their government authorities.

Recently, WhatsApp has launched a new feature the ability to share the ephemeral photos and videos availability for twenty-four hours has more monthly active users than the service which inspired the functionality. After the rolled out of the WhatsApp’s status feature now have one hundred seventy-five million daily active users.

In the status feature, the friends and family can react to the posts by tapping the reply button with the response sent as a new WhatsApp messages. In earlier status feature the WhatsApp allow the users to update as simple line but now brief message was visible to all contacts. Let the users share their thoughts or let friends and family know whether they were available to talk with the range of the pre-status like ‘At work’, ‘Can’t talk WhatsApp only’ or ‘Available’.

The revived feature hinted that WhatsApp users were not satisfied with the new status feature and so WhatsApp quickly reintroduce the traditional status feature. However, Facebook did not reveal about the number of the daily user in Facebook Messenger and Facebook stories and other clones.


However, India leading the top position in the video call making among the world user. There is some talk about WhatsApp that shares the user personal information to the parent company Facebook. Personal information may include the phone numbers. So, there was the case was filed against the WhatsApp for the data sharing. Hence WhatsApp has pause the information sharing in several Europe countries. WhatsApp working on its feature and this statics show that the WhatsApp was one of the biggest mobile network operators in the world.

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