How to Increase Snapchat Score

You must have noticed your friends discussing Snapchat score and the means of increasing it. But you felt confused and you could not participate in the discussion as you did not know anything about it. Just continue reading and you will know what is a snapchat score & how to increase snapchat score. Let us know about certain facts so that next time we can participate in the discussion and can also increase our score.

what is a snapchat score & how to increase snapchat score

Snapchat score is the total of all the snaps that you have sent using the Snapchat website. It gets increased by a point as you send a snap or open a snap over there.
You can see your score by the side of your user name. If you only chat then obviously your score does not increase. There are instances when your score suddenly rises or falls. Let us see how all these works.

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The score increases when you open or sends a snap through snapchat. The increment in the score is by a single point for each case. It may also be noticed that when you have not used Snapchat for quite a long time sending a snap may increase your point by more than appoint. It also happens that the receiver may not have opened the snap that you have sent by you get an increase in score. It is also seen that as mentioned your score will be a bit higher than the sum of the total snap sent or received.

This may lead an intrusion in your mind thinking that Snapchat score is a hack. I am sorry to say that it is not. Let see why I say so. It is very difficult to hack the algorithm that is used by Snapchat. The only way to increase your score is that someone to know your account details and when they log in to your account and send blank photos automatically. What these natures of hacking software do is basically to fool you. When they upload photos the loading bar will show you many such words which will make you feel that you are actually gaining points and increasing the score. Then will then direct you to a site where you need to complete a survey so as to authenticate the increment, what happens next is that the owner of the hacking site gains money and we seat like an idiot in front of the computer. So, it is true to judge that these scores cannot be hacked and it is not possible for an outsider to increase your score.

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There are authentic ways to increase your Snapchat score. These ways are genuine and no hacking is required for the increment in your score. The first step that you must do is to add as many as celebrities you can to your account. By celebrities I mean to say those who have many followers. They might not open your snap but just take a snap and send that to these celebrities. You will be amazed to see the increase in your score. This way works as if you send continuous snaps to your friends or close ones, in order to increase your score may annoy them. The reason of such is that they cannot ignore your post and will have to open them so you can understand their condition if they have to open hundreds of snaps from you daily. But these celebrities do not bother to open the snaps although your intention of increasing your score is materialized.

Now you know what is a snapchat score & how to increase snapchat score, so without delay increase your score.


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