How to Delete/Deactivate your VINE Account Permanently from Iphone/Ipad

Vine is one of the coolest video sharing apps. It allows users to create a six-second looping video, which can be funny for you and for those with whom you share. Over a period, you might feel annoyed with video sharing and watching; and this could inspire you to deactivate/delete your Vine account.

I think you might agree with me that Vine has become quite a phenomenon. A short-form video sharing service owned by Twitter, Vine is the place where people go to share and watch 6secs looping video clips, some of which are quite engaging and amusing.

How to Delete/Deactivate your VINE Account Permanently from Iphone/Ipad

But if you have watched one too many vines and have decided that you will not be active on the service moving forward, it will be a better idea to deactivate your account.

This post will teach you how to deactivate/delete your Vine profile through the mobile app and all its underlying data. About account deletion

After your Vine account, have been successfully deactivated with the steps outlined in the following section below, your profile data and content will live on Vine’s servers for thirty days and will be hidden from the public.

This grace period of thirty days allows you reactivate your account by logging into Vine’s website or mobile app at any time within the thirty-day timeframe. To have your account and its underlying data permanently deleted from Vine’s servers, avoid logging into Vine during that period.

If you do not log into Vine for more than thirty days after deactivating your account, all your content and your profile will be deleted, and Vine will not be able to recover it.

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Vine, unfortunately, does not provide tools to download your content easily so it might be a better idea to save your Vine videos to a computer before you delete your account.


How to Delete/Deactivate Your Vine Account Permanently from iPhone/iPad

Note that you can delete/deactivate your Vine account only through the mobile app on your iOS device, and not from the Vine website. To deactivate/delete your account permanently from you ios device, you just have to follow the six steps below

  1.  Open Vine app on your iphone/iPad device.
  2. From the bottom, menu tap on Profile button.
  3. From under your profile picture tap on Settings.
  4. Scroll down and tap on Your Content.
  5. Tap on Deactivate account from the bottom.
  6. Now tap on Deactivate.

You will be landed on the Vine login page from where you can reactivate your Vine account. The Author of above article is fabrizio politi .


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