How much Data does Spotify Use ??

Spotify:     Spotify is the way to listen music on mobile phone or tablets.

Using spotify listen free ads or get spotify premium. Use this to search any track, artist or album to listen for free. You can also create your own playlists in this app and can create your own collection playlists. Even it is free on mobile, & free on tablets, you can play any song anytime for free and offline.


Now if we talk about the data usage on a general scale, it will take approximately 0.72MB per minute condition is a one song on spotify with the quality of medium should be 96kpbs so, the average MB use per song is about 2.88MB in total for one song.

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Spotify is quite data heavy usage app, and uses app 3MB to 5MB per song generally, so it would be preferable for all of you to sync your songs offline for mobile and save your data.

Suppose if you have only 2GB of data plan for one month, then I am quite sure that spotify will soak it up all very quickly might be in maximum of 10-15 days.

2GB is not a lot ,especially if you are streaming track all the time, if you are using a medium quality of songs like 96kpbs.

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There is one more great idea to check your spotify data usage, you can put a single GB of data just for spotify and check your data usage status after listening every song, this will give you a perfect dimensions of figure that how much data does this app generally use.

One more good suggestion for data savers is that if you have spotify premium, you can download playlists for offline usage using Wifi connection and then playing those tracks whishlist on 3G without losing any bit of data.

So, here is small calculation or overview of all your queries:

Fisrt of all, make your mind clear that the data usage of spotify app depends over the quality you are streaming the breakdown is as such:

  • Normal(96kpbs): Your app will use 40Mb per hour(approx.) about 1GB in a continuous 24hr period.
  • High(160kpbs): This will take about 70MB per hour. A little over 2GB in 24hr period.
  • Extreme(302kbps): It would take approx. 150Mb in an hour or 3GB in 24hr period.

So their is a complete dependency of data usage on the quality of streaming you are using on your app. You can easily calculate your mobile  data usage in spotify by the above calculation.

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