The difference between a cracked screen and a broken screen

There is nothing more frightening than the sight of your Smartphone or tablet falling to the ground at a speed and knowing that there is nothing you can do to stop it. Display screens are designed to withstand damage, but sometimes as a result of fall screens can be cracked.

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Glass and LCD – the difference.

Some of the most common iPhone repairs service we face are cracked and broken screens. If your phone is dropped, scratched or experiencing slow touch-screen response, it can be useful to know the extent of the damage.

Smart devices are composed of two thin layers; glass screen and liquid crystal display (LCD). The glass screen is responsible for the screen protection, viewing, and screen operation. The LCD screen is important for quality display and quick touch response. Smart devices mix touch screen usability with high resolution.

What to look for?

While your screen glass may be cracked, broken. The LCD screen may still be in good condition. You can tell if your LCD screen is damaged or not by:

  • Looking for new out-of-place lines, scratches or patterns that may appear on the screen
  • Black dots or gray areas / discolored areas on the screen
  • Completely black screen

If your touch screen for iPhone, iPad or iPod is broken, all hope is not lost. Fortunately, You can get a new screen for your gadgets. This is the best advice on the Internet on how to go about repairing your screen.

Check your warranty status

First of all, go to Apple Warranty Verify details to check your status. There are three possible outcomes:


* Out of warranty

* First-year manufacturers warranty

* Covered by AppleCare +

  1. Out of warranty

If you are out of warranty, do not panic. This means that your warranty has expired. You can still get a replacement at the Apple Store.

  1. Manufacturer’s first-year warranty

If you are under manufacturer’s warranty, you still have to pay the same replacement cost as out of warranty status, as the first year warranty does not cover accidental damage.

  1. AppleCare +

If you have AppleCare, you paid $ 99 for your device and you can get a replacement at an Apple Store or through AppleCare for $ 50-80, depending on the device.

If you do not want use apple for your repairs for one reason or the other, you might consider using a third party. Here, you have to be very careful as some of this third party are quacks.

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    We can’t find that the screen of our phone is cracked or broken without any help of technician.If our phone is dropped, scratched, it can be useful to know the extent of the damage. It is the best advice in the article, Where to go for repairing our screen.

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