Applications which can help you Monitor your Children’s Online Activities

Children and mobile devices is a mixture of fear. Whether your child is just starting to use your family tablet or your teen has a new clean smartphone, take a look at the wide variety of applications and software you can use to monitor and limit their mobile activity. In addition, new social media applications appear all the time, so begin educating their children on social media safely at an early age. In today’s time and age with progressive technology, it is considered as the back has less or no knowledge in the use of the Internet. In this technology oriented era, children as young as two years old learn to surf the Internet. And let’s face it, when they’re not careful, this vast place like the Internet is as dangerous as leaving their children with a stranger giving free candy. The Internet can be filled with pages and pages of inappropriate content that their children can access, but can always prevent this from happening. And also, various applications are available, which are free and chargeable for interested parents who want to monitor the online activities of their children that they do. In addition, these applications focus not only on web content filtering, but some also help to limit their children’s activities on the website that have almost nothing to do with what they do in school. With these applications, parents are better helped to find inappropriate content their children can access and are at least a step forward in relation to their children’s Internet activities.

NOTE: Wireless phones are considered smart; do not be fooled.

This article emphasizes to discuss with you the main mobile applications in keeping a watch on the online activities of their children. Let us talk about the apps that will help you follow your child’s online activity:

  1. MSpy: This is the application with the help of which you can look at the details as of whom they call or text, applications used by them, their contacts, GPS location, etc.
  2. My Mobile Watchdog: This allows you to manage up to five devices. This can be a bit cumbersome, but otherwise useful.
  3. PhoneSheriff: This application offers extensive controls, especially for application management, text monitoring, and site tracking. This makes it an excellent choice for parents who want some control over the mobile activity of their children. This is an effective application to control all age groups and features are especially useful with regard to preteens.
  4. Qustodio: It is the application that provides functions of all devices used by your child. This is especially useful when you are a home that uses more than one type of device. It is a great alternative for when you cannot get Phonesheriff.
  5. SocialJudo: This application help parents across the world build a healthy balance within their families as their kids use Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Readers.
  6. MamaBear: For parents of new drivers, MamaBear will let you know the speed of the vehicle in which your child is traveling.
  7. Nany Net: This is one of the best apps to search web content. Effectively hide blasphemy and abuse, block inappropriate sites and images and give you the opportunity to issue a warning to your child on a site is content rather than completely block.
  8. Mobile Spy: This application allows you to register up to three devices. It’s most important features focus on the disc activity of your child.
  9. DinnerTime: This app helps you to restrict the use of the internet during a particular time you desire to lock. You can do this from your own device without the knowledge of your child.
  10. Ignore No More: This app helps to send a message to your child when he/ she ignores your call and then you can lock some of the apps on your child’s phone until they call you back.
  11. Checky: This app shows the user the number of times him/ she has checked the phone which makes them realize that how much they are involved in their cell phones.

FACT: Every parent should monitor their kids as it’s their duty and also right to do.

By Spying, parents are not cheating their child; instead, they are just showing their concern for them. They are just protecting their child from all the mishappenings which can occur and disturb their kids. Might be children doesn’t not like this activity of their parent initially but later on, they will be thankful to them for supporting and protecting them for a bright and safe future.

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