Best Hypnosis Apps for Ipad/iPhone

Hypnosis is an art. Being able to control and influence what other people think and do is an unbelievable but a very desirable quality. Many people have practiced the laws and the mystery behind hypnosis and have actually made it possible. Hypnosis exists in this world, but in the 21st century, it may be easier than you think. With everything around us shifting to smartphones, there is no reason why hypnosis shouldn’t. You may be surprised, but there are people who have merged their knowledge of hypnosis with the ways of the 21st century to create apps related to hypnosis. Here we present 4 apps for iPhone that you can use to hypnotize other people or yourself or just learn more about hypnosis.


List of best 4 Hypnosis Apps

Quit smoking hypnosis

This app is great for convincing yourself to quit smoke. Unable to control your smoking habits even after you have tried your best? Some strong convincing may help. It aims to control your smoking habits through hypnotherapy, convincing you to quit smoking for good. The app gives you free personal sessions with a hypnotherapist, which you have to just listen to. It can be a great way to motivate yourself against smoking, so this hypnosis app may the game changer for you.

Learn self-hypnosis with Patrick bowling

You can either undergo a hypnosis session or you can learn to hypnotize yourself and others. The app walks you through a series of steps, helping you learn all the different ways you can hypnotize. It addresses a number of issues, including sleep, anxiety, stress and simply well-being. It is a great app if you want to learn how to make yourself peaceful and in control of your own body.

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This app is a great way to learn how to relax and sleep. It gives you hypnosis sessions which you can just sit back and listen. Furthermore, it also has a number of tunes and music that you can listen to and soothe yourself. is great for those who have trouble finding calm and going to sleep. The personalization effect helps you create beautiful and soothing sounds that give pleasure and induce calm. The app is also very easy to navigate, making it easy for you to get that calm that you so desire.

Health and fitness with hypnosis

This app is created to promote weight loss. Aided with beautiful sounds and hypnosis sessions, the app motivates you towards a healthier lifestyle. It also has alarms that you can set to remind you if the important healthy tasks that you need to do during the day. It also has calming music that you can choose according to your taste. The whole personalization effect helps to give it a charm that is unheard of in other apps. So, if weight loss troubles you, you can always try this amazing hypnosis app to motivate you to live healthily.

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Hypnosis isn’t just about controlling what you do, it’s about motivation and steering yourself in the right direction. These hypnosis apps for iPhone are sure to help you in different walks of your life. With technology on the rise, you don’t have to go to places to learn or motivate yourself. Instead, just download these apps on your phone and enjoy the hypnosis that can benefit your life in a number of ways! So why the wait?


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